Who We Are

At StarChapter we thrive off of our role in making associations drive professionalism, provide advocacy, advance careers, and develop leaders. We do this by helping volunteer leaders of professional and trade associations at the local level grow their membership while saving them time on administrative tasks and providing services to maximize their efforts.  Our software and service makes it easy for them to run their local chapters by combining their website with event registration, email communication and membership management.

Why We Love To Work Here

  • “My favorite part about StarChapter is the culture. You can find the perfect job but it’s the people in the office that you spend 8 hours with each day that makes the difference. I laugh every day at work! I have been pleasantly surprised by how the effective training and mentorship guidance has led me to get further in less time than at previous jobs. I am on the sales team as an Account Executive and I have never had a pipeline grow this quickly.”


    Account Executive

  • “I really enjoy working at StarChapter because of the focus on a positive atmosphere and encouragment given to continue our education to expand our knowledge of the industry that we work in. We all have our own goals and responsibilities, but we are a collaborative group that often comes together to assist each other. I am challenged daily and feel fulfilled knowing that we are able to help thousands of volunteers and administrators better serve their organizations.”



  • “In the 2+ years I’ve worked at StarChapter, I’ve been very happy and have grown a lot. The sales team actually works as a team. We constantly help and teach each other new and better ways to improve our skills. The more we collaborate and work together, the more successful we are as both individuals and as a team. I wouldn’t trade that support for anything!”


    Senior Account Executive

  • “Coming from a background in government and academia, I appreciate the company culture at StarChapter. Both personal and professional growth are supported and encouraged, and each team member is engaged in improving the business and product.”



  • “I love working for StarChapter because not only do I get to directly assist our customers, but I’m also constantly encouraged to try, and learn new things. I’ve gained so many skills in my (almost) two years here that I feel like I would have not had the opportunity to learn elsewhere. It has been amazing working in an environment with a close team, learning from each person.”



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The StarLife

Passion & Collaboration

We are a group of passionate people who respect, collaborate, motivate and ultimately raise each other up. Participation, open communication, and the sharing of information with each other are critical to the StarTeam’s success.

Career & Professional Development

StarChapter is an open organization with leadership that will listen to employees that have the answers to make our organization better. We offer an opportunity to be challenged and build professional skills. Simply put, StarChapter is a great organization to grow & establish your career.

Field Trips & Fun

We like to go on field trips to see our product in action at local chapter meetings & events.  We also plan monthly lunches to celebrate birthdays, professional milestones, etc.  We do like to get together outside of the office on occasion as well whether that’s a night of bowling, a fun team building competition, the annual company summer BBQ or holiday party.

Lunch & Learn

A catered lunch and a focused opportunity for learning. Topics range from the role of board members, technology practices, and improving our productivity. All in an effort to work towards creating a better understanding of the challenges our customers face and improving our ability to help them.

What's In It For You

The Best Equipment & Resources

Whether it’s an office chair with some serious lumbar support, the best software tools to maximize productivity and effectiveness, or training resources, we’ll give you the tools needed to succeed.

Open Door Communication

Good communication between you and your fellow Stars is important. You are encouraged to speak freely to everyone regarding matters affecting your productivity or the company at large.

Make an Impact

At StarChapter you are helping where it matters at the local level! By providing efficiency through our software and services to the local chapters of professional and trade associations.

Comprehensive Insurance Options

We offer elective healthcare, dental, and visions plans, plus short term disability paid by StarChapter.

Work/Life Balance

Balance is important to a healthy life. We want you to both achieve great things and enjoy life, so we offer generous Paid Time Off (PTO) on top of paid holidays, including a floating holiday to be used at your pleasure.


We often design cool swag for our StarTeam whether that is a t-shirt in the spring, a hoodie in the fall, or whatever the team is into at the time.


Our kitchen, or as we like to call it the StarLounge, is always stocked with employee requested snacks, coffee, tea, and soda: some healthy, some not so healthy…well chocolate is healthy right?!

Business Casual Lite

We want you to be comfortable. Our “dress code” is more like a request to not wear PJs, gym clothes, or flip flops.

Retirement Plan

Saving for your future retirement is important. We offer a retirement plan to help you achieve this goal.

StarChapter is proud to be an equal opportunity employer!

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Please send all resumes and inquiries to: careers@starchapter.com