Online Event Registration

Integrate the registration process with your website and boost attendance and collection rate. When people don't have to be shuffled off to a 3rd party page to process payment for dues or event fees, they feel safer to complete the registration process. Simple and smoother step-by-step check out forms collect all the information needed, and members and guests get a clear understanding of what they are doing.

Attendance & Credits Tracking

Event Attendance is one of the most important pieces of data to track. When members do not show up, they tend to slip through the cracks and do not renew their membership. Don't let this happen. With StarChapter you can easily track member attendance and communicate with them directly to bring them back to meetings.

Flexible Ticketing Options

Set up event tickets with simple member and non-member rates, the chapter's golf outing with foursomes and twosomes, or even the yearly banquet tickets to sell tables of 5 or 10. Create tickets with questions to select meal choices, desired speakers, and topics to cover in advance. To save you even more time, you can save ticket structures as templates to be used for future events.

Auto-Archive Events

Your website will update itself without you having to lift a finger. StarChapter will automatically move chapter's past events to archives and brings in the next meeting to promote and advertise on the website. Your website will always be updated and will never promote events that have come and gone.

Name Badges & Labels

Creating name badges and labels for the next event takes just seconds. Still exporting lists of names to be merged into a document for badges printing only to find out when you are done that 3 more need to be printed or that a long name doesn't fit? StarChapter makes it easy to print badges with its PDF generator that is formatted for common badge layouts.

Charts & Reports

Extracting and compiling data can be very time consuming. StarChapter has visual charts and reports for you to generate data on the fly in real-time. Our reports are geared towards giving you and your board the information you need to boost member activity and revenues.