Manage Member and Non-member Data

Accurate member and non-member data is critical for the success of your organization. StarChapter makes it easy for board volunteers to manage, organize, update, and reconcile member and non-member records. Your members can easily self-manage their own records, update profile and contact information, set privacy settings, and more. 

Group Members & Non-Members

Every organization has its own way of organizing member and non-member data. StarChapter can flexibly accommodate your method to get a quick and seamless transition. Admins can organize members by membership types, business types, committee levels, as well as group non-members.

Import Data & API Integration

Already have data records? With StarChapter, you can easily import your data from current spreadsheets/databases and create custom fields for it. StarChapter also has an automatic integration with several national associations also known as Application Programming Interface (API). Any change to your StarChapter records will update the parent/global/national association's records automatically.

Charts & Reports

Stay ahead of the game and keep track of membership with easy and detailed reporting. StarChapter will meticulously collect your data and present it to you via StarChapter’s various reports and charts. Charts and reports will help you and the rest of the board save time and expenses for years to come.