Content Drafts & Approvals

Enter new content into the Admin Area, to have other board members review it before it goes live. For smaller chapters, use a single-step approval process.

Dynamic Content & Layout Management

Dynamically managing the content of your website is easy with StarChapter, even if you're not a pro. The member-friendly interface allows you to make simple edits of text, format, color, and size, just like in Microsoft Word. You can also add dynamic content such as Member Spotlight, sponsors, media and much more. Our easy-to-use editor gives you the ability to create professional looking pages on your website without all the hassle of learning programming languages.

Website Design

Get a professional look that fits your chapter with StarChapter's association chapter website development. Use one of StarChapter's design layouts and customize the color schemes, images, sections, and much more. Your website will be as unique as your members are.

Navigation Manager

Reorganize your website's structure in a snap using the StarChapter Navigation Builder. You can add new pages and make adjustments to your site menus on the fly. After creating a new page, simply add it to an existing list of links on your site or create a new category of pages.

Access & Restrictions

Freely designate what information is accessible or restricted to members while making changes anytime. Segment member-access into different groups and grant access to a particular section. For example, you can set up a committee and share information only with included members.

Website Domain

Keep your existing domain name and simply point it out to your new StarChapter website. If you don't have a domain name yet, we'll help you register for one or administer it for you for a small fee.

Document & Media Storage

Organize, share, and archive documents and media in a breeze. You have full control over files' privacy status, making them private or public as needed. Link meeting documents such as agenda or presentations to meeting records for easy access and retrieval. This helps keep members who missed the meeting in the loop.

Sponsors & Ad Management

Bring in sponsors and raise more money. Managing sponsors and banner ads is effortless with StarChapter. Sponsors' ads are dynamically placed on your website and email communications. Multiple categories and levels, like platinum, gold, and silver can be easily set up to differentiate how and where sponsors are placed. You can save time by setting up expiration dates and ads will be automatically pulled off your site.

Online Store

Generate more revenues for the chapter and allow your members and non-members to purchase branded products directly on the website. You can set up different catalogs, or partner with an ad specialty company. Online store can be integrated onto your StarChapter website allowing you full control on product quantity and detailed reports to track revenues from each product and member.

Social Media

Let your members share the content on your chapter’s website in social media by adding social media buttons. You can also integrate a feed from your social media account to display information on your StarChapter website.


Newsletters are a still huge part of chapter communication. You can customize the standarized StarChapter layouts to fit your needs and chapter's brand. This will allow you to focus on content creation instead of trying to figure out the format, archive the previous newsletter, or save the data for future use. You can email it instantly, or place it on the live site.


Add your meetings and event information only once through the Meeting Manager, and they will be added automatically to the calendar. The calendar is also integrated with social media accounts to further help save you time in promoting events and meetings.

Blog & Forum

Encourage member interaction with StarChapter's blog or forum functionality. Increase engagements and allow website visitors to carry on the conversations by posting comments and responses.