This Software has POWER and Customer Service that just rocks. StarChapter allows a club to do a lot of different things with its website. It's a bit complex but that is because of its power and flexibility and because its Customer Service is TERRIFIC the complexity becomes a non-issue. StarChapter support is very knowledgeable, fast to respond and always follows up to make sure the user's issue was resolved.

— Valerie Vaughn
NAWBO Kansas City

We have been working with StarChapter over the last few months for a new layout for our Chapter. Wow, the experience was fantastic working with StarChapter team members. They have really helped us build a new website that everyone has been thrilled with the look. I look forward to continuing our work with StarChapter in the future.

— Melissa Pack
American Payroll Association Dallas

The site has so many features available. The ability to change and make improvements is up to us, which is powerful for member engagement. StarChapter has allowed us to present a professional image, engage members, add capabilities and reach more members.

— Mark Miller
ASHRAE Madison

After a disastrous experience with another solution we turned to StarChapter, and got our new website live within just 2 WEEKS. And it all worked! When we run into something we don't understand the StarChapter support is there to help. The StarChapter solution and the support team are great. Anyone with a professional society or similar membership group should look at this solution seriously.

— Peter Blok
APICS Princeton South Jersey

A big thanks to the StarChapter implementation team for all of their support, expertise and patience as we got our site planned and ready. The support team was great to work with and my chapter and I really appreciated them walking us through the process and their help along the way. We wanted to specifically recognize our project manager for their responsiveness, support and expertise. Members have already commented on how much they love the new site. Thank you for your excellent service!

— Seth Beim
ARMA Northern New Jersey

StarChapter is very intuitive and easy to use and make changes to. They offer free live training sessions. Communications module gives a very formal and professional appearance to emails, meeting announcements, and newsletters. From the Meeting Manager you can see how many are registered and how many have paid. Lots of features and functionality.

— Lori Brown
PMI Quad Cities Chapter

StarChapter is a great choice for chapters to have a website. It is designed for chapters. It is easy to use and easy to add content. StarChapter is secure and reliable. We know that if there is any issue, StarChapter will be there so our website can be restored quickly. StarChapter helped us setting up the website and trained board members on how to use the administration features.

— Lin Stokes
GBTA Kansas City

Talk about support from set up to launch...StarChapter's support is fantastic! They responded to my questions very quickly and followed up to see if I needed additional support. There are many layers to the system and I am now navigating them with ease. I am glad we made the transition to this system.

John Bond, President
ICF San Antonio Chapter

I'm very satisfied and happy with StarChapter. It takes you step-by-step through all areas of the site. It has simple and easy to follow instructions in the knowledgebase. Staff has been very helpful, patient and understanding when submitting support tickets. I'm thankful and very satisfied with our website and would definitely recommend to others.

— Patty Cardenas, Admin/Coordinator

Being a treasurer with my association, I would be at loss sometimes with what I need to do and I never hesitate to submit a request for help. StarChapter is always, always so fast with their response which helps me move on with my day and do other tasks.

— Jo Ann Grant
NACE Phoenix

The StarChapter's back-end database is an impressive and powerful tool. Managing the Chicago Chapter of IFMA's database in StarChapter has allowed the administrator’s office to invest less hours in online event creation and registration and membership roster reconciliation. It is also a very easy to use communication tool that allows the chapter to send regular emails, newsletters and meeting invites with just a few clicks. StarChapter also provides the ability to have multiple users so board members and committee chairs can contribute to the creation of communications and update the website as needed. All of this has led to less administrative fees for the Chicago Chapter of IFMA positively affecting our bottom line and permitting the administrative office to focus on other needed tasks.

— Ashley Bradarich
IFMA Chicago Chapter

StarChapter has been a godsend. We’ve been able to automate tasks and better track our registrations for meetings and have greatly improved the effectiveness of our communications. It has been a tremendous value for our Chapter. Whenever there is an issue with the system, which is rare, the support team is extremely prompt in helping us resolve the issue and does so with extreme professionalism.

— Deborah Makiri, President
Clark County AHU Chapter

StarChapter Rocks the non-profit world. Want to have one integrated website to host a non-profit, set up meetings, events, send communications, take payments, have different ticket fees based on class of membership or non-member? StarChapter has that and more. It has an integrated functionality, ease of use, and a great value for the money.

— Jon Beck
APICS Pacific Western District

StarChapter has been helpful in streamlining all of our chapter communications. Previously we had a separate chapter website, email service, and different program for registration so having them all in one place has been a great timesaver and also created more traffic to our Houston chapter website.

— Courtney Rai
ISES Houston

I don't know what we would do without StarChapter! We were among the very first few PMI chapters to adopt StarChapter. As a non-profit, volunteers based organization, PMI Metro St. Louis chapter relies on StarChapter's capabilities and services on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's about creating or posting an event, or sending a mass email, or sending a survey, or creating an email distribution list; volunteers from our chapter highly rely on StarChapter. We have achieved so much in last 5-6 years! Our membership has grown, attendance to our monthly events has increased, members are satisfied with our website and communication channels. Some of this success is attributed to StarChapter. We were able to win Chapter Excellence award from PMI National for last 3 years in a row because of some capabilities provided by the StarChapter.

— Vish Tripathi, President
PMI Metro St. Louis Chapter

We have used StarChapter for our organization (ASHRAE) since 2012 and for our organization (AEE) for 4 months. ASHRAE has 1900 members and AEE has 250 members. This is a fantastic Website for any size organization. When you are a new customer you have a bunch of templates to pick from and Customer Support (CS) gives you personal attention to get your site set-up. There is also a package to fit just about anyone's budget. Setting up meetings and sending out mass emails of any type is a snap.

— John Walik
ASHRAE - Houston

I have been using StarChapter for years for an organization that sends periodic emails and information. They have been excellent to work with.

— Mickey Langsfeld
Kennebec Alumni Association

On behalf of the National Transportation Training Directors, I want to thank you and the StarChapter team for the amazing work on our new (and very much improved) NTTD website. Our membership has grown the last few years, and we are excited to offer our membership this new added benefit.

— Board
National Transportation Training Directors

I have used StarChapter since 2012 for multiple associations I manage. Of all the association management systems currently available, I found StarChapter to be the most comprehensive and cost effective online software in the market. Pros: StarChapter is user friendly for both members and administrators. Customer support is great and highly responsive to questions or problems. Training and resources for administrators and Board members are excellent. One of my groups consists of a senior chapter, a young professionals chapter and a non-profit 501(c)3 education foundation. They wanted one website for all three organizations with capability to manage each of them. The StarChapter tech team was wonderful in working with our volunteer Board and communications committee to develop a website "skin" that would function on Star Chapter's system.

— Pearl Ford-Fyffe, Executive Director
AAF Tucson

The staff at StarChapter is awesome and as a board member, I cannot imagine us ever going with anyone else after having experienced firsthand the fantastic service that StarChapter offers. I appreciate the project managers for responding to my e-mail so quickly and for helping me with my problem when I called. Thank you all.

— Thomas Walsh
SGMP San Francisco

We have just switched to the StarChapter product and after group training, one-on-one training, reviewing the training videos and articles, and spending time configuring our new website, I can safely say that StarChapter is a great product to use. The main areas I work on are newsletters, web pages and the email manager and the software makes it easy for me to quickly update and create new content. I've also found that the customer service is very responsive and an issue that we had with a security certification was quickly addressed. It's been a great start to my new life with StarChapter.

— Ivan Thomas, VP Communications
PMI Columbia River Basin Chapter

The web-site is easy to navigate with the help of the excellent customer technicians.

— Karen Beach AKBD
Central New York Chapter of the NKBA

After researching several association management companies, we found that StarChapter had the right fit for our association. From the upfront pricing, expert guidance from the Star Chapter associates to the actual building of our site and database, we knew the right choice was made. We could not be more pleased by how StarChapter has helped us build our membership and online registrations in just a short few months. Thank you to all at Star Chapter that made our life easier.

— Leonard Zielinski, President
Cook County Funeral Directors Association

StarChapter is user friendly and the more we use it, the better we get at accomplishing our goals for its use. It has saved a HUGE amount of time for our annual Business Matching and Tradeshow event and the online registration is helpful for our treasurer to track funds. We are looking at selling our branded items to our members through the site this month. Customer Service is great - I always get a timely response and if they don't have a solution, they do offer to ask for one in upcoming enhancements. Well worth the money we spend!

— Penny Owens, Webmaster
East Tennessee Purchasing Association

Our small professional association is not affiliated with a national organization so we are not a chapter. Yet StarChapter was still a good choice for us. The technical representative helped us through a lengthy transition process and was always reassuring that we would be able to bring all of our data and old website files together to make it work. The cost was reasonable compared to other comparable products yet StarChapter offered more.

— Lisa Guthrie, Executive Director
Virginia Transit Association

Since we started working with StarChapter about a year ago we have been extremely pleased with the service and website capabilities. Thank you StarChapter team for making our website a huge success not only with our Chapter communications, but also saving us thousands of dollars a year in event registration management costs.

— Frank E. Pugsley, PE, Website Administrator
Texas Solid Waste Association of North America

We're very happy that we made the switch to StarChapter after struggling with poor website software. The look and user-friendliness of our site has resulted in an increase in site visits by our chapter members and others. The extensive back-end functionality has made the tasks of our Board of Directors so much easier. Our Treasurer, Programs Director and Membership Director would be absolutely distraught if we were to lose all the features offered by StarChapter. The StarChapter staff has been great to work with every step of the way. From our first conversation, to the unveiling of our website, to the occasional question or request for a change, they have been responsive, friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Thanks to them, our project was a quick win for our chapter. StarChapter brought our chapter website back from the dead.

— Sue Gerrity, CRM, IGP
ARMA Detroit

We're a small non-profit in LA County and our requirements for our site and operations in general are different from those of many businesses. From our first meeting, StarChapter impressed us with their understanding of our need for flexibility and their ability to evaluate from our perspective. Our StarChapter rep not only listened tirelessly to our ideas and answered questions, she came up with terrific suggestions and implementations that solved problems and enhanced our delivery of our mission statement. Team effort with people like this on your team is great for any company, but for a small 501(c) (3) facing a challenging goal, it's priceless.

— Debra Boudreaux
SGV Consortium on Homelessness

When it comes to all-things-techie, I'm not the sharpest. So, last week, when I received an electronic message that said I needed to renew our SSL certificate, I wasn't sure whether that was necessary or whether our new software company now handles that. Sent an email to them, asking the question at 9:02. Had an automated confirmation notice in seconds. And at 9:36, I had a complete, concise, easy-to-understand answer explaining my options. It didn't suggest I was stupid (as so many techie company employees are good at). And, amazingly, that email was signed with a real person's name and contact information. I was floored. Love this software company!!!

— Judy Thompson
AAF Cincinnati

Anyone who participates in an organization / charitable or industry-related will really want to jump on board with this software. From meeting announcements to photo galleries, registration, member roster admin and most importantly - website maintenance and updating this has it all. Once you know the navigation through the various sections you won't change to anything else. Even if you get stuck or have an issue the StarChapter service is spot on with replies / solutions. I highly recommend it. Overall - GET It! Good stuff.

— John Walik
ASHRAE Houston

My association has been using StarChapter for our non-profit association website for approximately 2.5 years and I have always been consistently impressed by the customer service and technical support received.

— John Goudie
Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc.

I've been working with Star Chapter for 5+ years and we have moved from one client to 18 clients on the system. It is easy to use, affordable and has wonderful support. The support team is what keeps my staff on top of changes and creative solutions for client wish lists. They are also great at answering questions in a timely manner. Our AMC clients have loved the reporting, look and feel and overall ease of use for the website. They have a fully integrated website that meets all of their needs from email and event registration to membership management and newsletter updates. Overall, this is my top recommendation for a website for our clients at AMC!

— Logan Beszterda
AMC - Association Management Consultants, LLC

As always thank you so much, StarChapter has boosted the morale of our chapter. The website looks great and everyone is very excited.

— Kimberly Pierce-Hinds
SGMP Crossroads of America

If you find reasons to perform tasks you can develop confidence at the various sections within StarChapter. Because the system allows you to work in a draft mode you can easily delete any sections you don’t wish to publish and you are much less likely to publish your mistakes. The site features on the website also allow us to easily track attendance and look for trends to better plan for future programs. StarChapter also allowed our board to easily manage our membership database and reduce the amount of billable hours with our association management firm.

— Board
Columbia SHRM

I was hesitant to serve as Technology Chair for the not-for-profit I represent. I'm not a real technical person and often joke with my friends that I'm a cave woman. But StarChapter has made it easy! The staff is great to work with and always has been quick to respond with answers to my questions or even to coordinate a call when I'm troubleshooting new backend updates. I'd recommend StarChapter to anyone looking for a user-friendly website platform for their organization.

— Erica Turner, APR
PRSA Central Iowa

I enjoy the StarChapter platform. I wanted to transition out of my role with the Columbus Area Chapter but after spending time with your technology, I have decided to stay awhile. I feel pretty confident now with administering the site and am looking forward to moving along the learning curve. Our chapter site just received the first place trophy in the American Payroll Association's (APA) best website contest. Thanks to StarChapter for your platform and for your support!

— Brad Patterson
APA Columbus

Since we selected StarChapter we have saved over $2K per year and the website is very user friendly. Our chapter had to start over with membership and currently we have 47 members. The system is very easy to maintain. StarChapter did an outstanding job setting up our website.

— Dick Nabors
BTA Baltimore Washington

The site feels like it cost a million bucks but it's very affordable. As an AMC we saved a lot of time with StarChapter. Having used other products, StarChapter is by far the most user-friendly. When I need to update a member record or simply run an event list, I don't have to remember a complicated procedure. It's simply the click of a few keys. The sales staff is very helpful and the support staff are very quick to respond if you need help. My members love the site for its ease of understanding. They love, what I call, the "bells and whistles" with the newsletter, rotating photo frames and the rotating sponsor frames.

— Jeanie Merideth
Merideth Association Management, LLC

Once again working with StarChapter was perfect. I so appreciate your responsiveness and constant willingness to assist. YOU ROCK!

—Darlene Walker
NACE Orlando

StarChapter offers a great product for delivering news and event registration, but it really shines with its customer support. Consistently, my questions are answered quickly and technical instructions are provided in an understandable language. On top of that, everyone is pleasant. Customer service is alive and well at StarChapter.

— Renae
PRSA Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

It was a pleasure working with our project manager at StarChapter. He has been very helpful not only during the original setup of the site, but since then he has been very helpful in answering questions I or my members have. He has really made my job much easier.

— Brad Andrews
PMI Emerald Coast

We are a week into the new website and absolutely loving it and getting some awesome feedback from our members as well as prospects. We have had three NEW individuals sign up in the past week, so StarChapter was definitely a good decision.

— Robert Baye
Louisiana Academy of Physician Assistants

It is almost impossible to express in words how much we appreciated having our project manager at StarChapter help us with our new website. She is as professional and knowledgeable as they come. Thinking back about all the different service providers we have had, and comparing the level of service we received from her, she shines brightly. Clearly one of the very best we have ever encountered.

— Bill Nordbrock and Jennifer Philips
Tucson Business Club

Outstanding job by our project manager at StarChapter in establishing th new website for the Jacksonville Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). He has been absolutely terrific both in helping set up the site and in training us to use it. He is the quintessential professional and has superbly represented StarChapter in every aspect. He personally made this a seamless and pleasant transition.

— Dwyn Taylor, PE, CEM
President, JAX Post SAME

Our sire has received excellent feedback from our members regarding the new face of PPA NJ. From inception to completion, with a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance, the StarChapter team was a great asset to us. They did a wonderful job at helping us understand what's new, quickly responding to our calls for help and were there every step of the way.

— Jim Roselli

Our StarChapter project manager did a great job with the website set up. All the team worked hard to be responsive on the help desk. I always feel kind of clueless when asking questions and they always make sure I don’t feel that way and get me the answers in a timely fashion. Glad I went with StarChapter.

— Scott Pfeifer

The upgrade of the Email Manager in the Communications section of the website is terrific. Very user friendly and much more functional. Great job!

— Gina Gouveia
MPI WestField Chapter

When our state society wanted to redesign our website we had several criteria for a new system: ease of use, good graphics and ability to register and pay for educational programs online. We found all of those answers with StarChapter. Implementing our new site was very easy and we have been very happy with the ease of use and how well it has helped to advertise our society. Online registration has been a powerful tool for us to increase attendance. Ongoing free trainings are available with StarChapter so we can teach new site administrators how to use the system. Given the choice we would not hesitate to choose StarChapter again.

— Steve Linerode
ASRHM Indiana

StarChapter has been beyond helpful during the build and launch of my organization's new website and member database. We have an extremely complicated database, but the StarChapter support team was more than happy to work with me through any hurdle and make sure I was satisfied. I am forever grateful for the patience, knowledge and skill of our project managers during this project.

— Laura Townsend
Duval County Medical Society

The StarChapter representatives are responsive, knowledgeable and gracious. This certainly makes their product user-friendly for those of us who are not experienced in working on websites. StarChapter has some wonderful features that have improved the efficiency of our chapter operations such as available current/historical information to help plan for the next fiscal year. The tools available in StarChapter allow our chapter to capture important administrative information and make it easy to coordinate meeting announcements, group emails, website updates and meeting coordination. We are planning to continue using StarChapter for years to come.

— Patty Barron
CGMP of SGMP Rocket City Alabama Chapter

We have been using Star Chapter for about 5 years and have been very happy! The website is easy to navigate and the support team are quick to respond to any questions we may have. We are 100% satisfied!

— Kristy Williams
NAWBO Kansas City

We want to thank StarChapter for your help and guidance throughout this migration to the new site. Your support and response times have been very good and I truly appreciate it. You have made this transition very easy and enjoyable. I’ve heard nothing but positive from our members. They absolutely LOVE our new site!

— Brian Gregory, PMP
PMI Rochester

The service we get from the StarChapter Support team is outstanding and always timely. Our members are proud to promote our chapter website now, which wasn’t always the case! Thanks to StarChapter we were able to make PMIOKC.org a success. You've helped us "up our game" considerably over the past two years. 

— Board
PMI Oklahoma City

Our members are ecstatic about StarChapter website. It has been very useful in uniting and informing the SJAC membership. The features such as individual login and dues information have received unanimous support. Moving away from Excel to StarChapter by adding online capability for membership to update personal data and to see a calendar, meeting info, dues, newsletters, documents, etc. in one organized location has helped our organization in unprecedented ways.

— Norval Broome
Kappa Alpha Psi Stockbridge-Jonesboro Alumni

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