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About StarChapter

StarChapter is located in Baltimore and serves the United States and Canada

What is StarChapter?

StarChapter helps your chapter become more efficient, eases board transitions, and increases your membership value in many ways. This all-in-one service for managing professional trade associations began in 2008, when developer and volunteer board member Ryan Felps stepped in to improve his chapter's website.

He quickly realized how difficult it is to manage a chapter and its myriad needs using various applications that don’t talk to one another. The work was tedious and time consuming, and information was getting lost.

This inspired him to create a web-based approach to meet the needs and increase the efficiency of his chapter all in one place. Soon other chapters were asking how they too could benefit from this approach. StarChapter was born.

StarChapter is based in Baltimore and serves associations throughout the United States and Canada. The highly skilled and experienced team, headed by founder and president Ryan Felps, provides friendly, ongoing support to create, launch and run your association’s full-service management website.

We understand your needs

Even if your chapter is lucky enough to have a technically savvy member, you may soon find that depending on one member to keep your website up-to-date can be a dicey proposition. StarChapter’s goals are to remove the pressure on one board member to do it all and to ease board transitions. We understand your boards and your memberships are fluid. People come in and go out of the leadership in a matter of 1 to 3 years, often, and for the new board to have to learn it all over again lacks efficiency. StarChapter not only allows you to manage the chapter in one system, but also removes that dependency on one member.

StarChapter is software, but we're also your team

StarChapter is a web-based software application, but StarChapter is also a team of professionals. We understand the challenges you face and are here for you as long as you use StarChapter. Our unspoken question is always, "Am I really helping this chapter get what they want?" For example, we may have encountered 20 chapters just like yours that made certain changes and are now seeing a much better outcome. In other words, when you call us with a question, we'll use our experience from assisting hundreds and hundreds of other chapters become successful to not only answer your question, but also recommend approaches to enhance your future experience.

We can back that up with numbers

In fact, our data show that customers who have used us for a solid year have seen growth of membership, meeting attendance, and revenue, upwards of 30%. Although we cannot guarantee these numbers for everyone — after all, much of the success also depends on you engaging with the system and with us — we can promise that we will always be listening to you. We listen to what works and what doesn't. We update and upgrade the system regularly (with no hidden cost to you) always taking into account your feedback and your latest needs and trends.

Current trends in Association Management

Rest assured, Association Management trends in addition to any requests you've made are at the forefront of our ongoing development. Current trends reflect the latest technology advances in social media, eCommerce and website design.

Who is a StarChapter customer?

Our customers realize that success partly hinges on their members buying into the system and using it, whether they are tech savvy or not. They realize that making it easier for any member to run the chapter, and by extension, to pass the reins to the next board, will increase overall value and efficiency for their members, make their chapter more appealing to prospective members, and increase their success by many degrees.

StarChapter Demonstration

Not sure if StarChapter is right for your organization?

Schedule a free 30-minute online demonstration with one of our guides, who will listen to your situation and ask some questions about your current process. At the end of the demonstration, you'll know for sure whether StarChapter can help your organization accomplish its goals.


We selected Star Chapter and are very pleased. Since we selected them we have saved over $2K per year and the site is very user friendly. Our chapter had to start over with membership and currently have 47 members. The system is very easy to maintain. Star Chapter did an outstanding job setting our site up it does not take any time to maintain other than posting our meetings and sending out invitations.

Dick Nabors, BTA Baltimore Washington

I just want to thank you for such a great job. I appreciate Kristen responding to my e-mail so quickly and to Ashly for helping me with my problem when I called. The staff at Star Chapter is awesome and as a board member I cannot imagine us ever going with anyone else after having experienced firsthand the fantastic service that Star Chapter offers. Thank you all, and please let Ashly and Kristen know how much I appreciate them both.

Thomas Walsh, SGMP San Francisco

"StarChapter offers a great product for delivering news and event registration, but where it really shines is with its customer support. Consistently, my questions are answered quickly and technical instructions are provided in an understandable language. On top of that, everyone is pleasant. Customer service is alive and well at StarChapter.

Renae, PRSA Northeast Wisconsin Chapter web co-chair

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