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Association Management Software for Companies

Your Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for new association management software? StarChapter makes local chapter management easy. We offer solutions to a number of the problems faced by association management companies.  We recognize that your time is valuable and that your funds may be limited. StarChapter offers a dynamic platform that addresses the management tasks that can put a strain on both by becoming your virtual assistant.

Association Management SoftwareLet us help you increase membership applications and stimulate more activity from current members. We can help you boost your revenue and decrease the amount of time needed for a variety of management tasks.  StarChapter eliminates the costs and time associated with training an assistant who will need to catch up on the workload created on a daily basis. Our platform makes your job easier and your association management company more efficient. With our integrated online program, you and your board members will be able to manage meetings, handle funds and create reports all from one convenient, easy-to-use format.

Keep Your Membership Informed with a Professional Website

One of the services we offer our clients is a professional website that allows your membership to stay informed about the latest events for your organization. All of the personal data about your organizations and membership that is stored by our platform is secure.  StarChapter is the solution to a more streamlined organization and valuable time savings for your association management company. Check out our demo to see just what we can do to help you address your needs and grow your company with our comprehensive online association management program.