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Business Trade Associations

Are you in charge of a business or trade association? Are you the one who is in charge of making sure that all the administrative tasks are taken care off? Have you spent more hours then you would like to admit coping and pasting information from one program to another? Maybe you have spent countless hours going through the pile on your desk to find one of the many membership lists for your association. Don't worry, the new solution for all your business and trade association's needs is finally here. StarChapter offers an exclusive program that will free up the time you spend doing tedious work and allow you to spend time focusing on the important matters. Those important matters are why your association was formed and you never expected to be swamped with hours upon hours of tedious paperwork. That is all about to change for you.

StarChapter offers solutions for business and trade associations of all sizes. Our one-of-a-kind program will allow you to increase your membership, boost your revenue, increase the overall activity of your current members, and help to improve the organization of your association as a whole and most importantly, free up your time spent dealing with the back end of the association. How, you might wonder? Simple, we offer a dynamic management program that allows you to keep track of all things related to your association in a simple to use online program. Everything you need to monitor and run your association will be located in one central spot.

From offering you a customizable and personal website for your association to allowing you access to some of the greatest membership management tools, StarChapter will help you get the most out of your time. Do you have numerous membership list's that are constantly being changed and updated? Why not put all of your membership lists in one central location? A membership directory can be customized to suit your specific needs and once the membership list is set up using the membership management features offered by StarChapter, the list will be easily accessible from any computer. No more having to shuffle papers around to find the most current list. You may also choose to have your members be able to edit their own information. This could save countless hours of keeping all member’s info up to date.

Does your association often do events to help promote and spread the word about your association? This alone is a very time consuming venture from sending out the emails, following up on all the faxes, making the changes in the reservation as well as collecting the ticket fees. StarChapter offers an event planning system for you that will do all this and much more. The automated system will confirm all the people who have registered as well as deal with the payment issues for you. You can set up additional users who can run and keep track of the event management for you, and this way you can spend your time making sure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Time is money and like most professional associations, every penny counts. So shouldn't every second count as well? StarChapter's programs are designed to help you save time while being able to improve the over all functionality of your association. If you find yourself always wishing there was more hours in the day to complete the administrative responsibility associated with running your professional association, then it is time you let StarChapter show you what we can do for you.