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Churches and Faith Communities

Churches and Faith Communities are a staple in every community. The amount of work that goes into running one of these types of organizations or communities as you are well of aware, is often more than one can handle. Trying to keep up on the membership lists while being able to serve your community is often more time consuming than one can imagine. Chances are you would much rather be serving your communities in a personal way instead of having to spend countless hours doing paperwork and other administrative tasks, right? Well, the good news is that StarChapter is here to help you. StarChapter will provide you with all the essential tools that you need in order to free up your time, while making your church run much more smooth.

One of the ways that StarChapter can help is by providing you with a membership management program. This simple and easy to use online program will save you countless hours when it comes to managing your current membership lists. Often times churches and faith communities are lucky enough to have volunteers that will offer to dedicate some of their time. This membership management program will make it simple for your volunteers. Do you often have more than one volunteer working on the same task, then later you have to combine the tasks? By choosing to use the membership management software from StarChapter, all the tasks can be competed on line. You can set the controls so your volunteers can work from where ever they choose and all the work will be saved in one handy place. No more having numerous list, all of this will now be in one place.

Another way that StarChapter can help your church is through the event registration programs. Do you run fund-raising activities for you church? Do you run bake sales and other sales to help donate money to your cause? These often require much time and countless hours of paperwork, phone calls, emails and mailing newsletters to one's home. You probably find yourself spending so much time doing the planning for the event that when it comes to making the actual event happen, you feel as if you don’t have enough time. Sound familiar? StarChapter is about to change how you plan and run your events. The software that is offered by StarChapter will allow you to do everything you need in terms of administrative work in a simple and easy to use online format. From announcing the event, to selling tickets, to setting up a waiting list, this software will save you so much time. Did you know that the software that is used by StarChapter can even collect payments for you? After the payment has been received, the system will send out an email and notification for you. Pretty easy to see how much time these programs would save you.

StarChapter offers many other ways that can help your church or faith community run a bit smoother. We understand the needs of your organization and would like to help you. We will be able to save you time, and this is the time that you need so that you can really focus on the needs of your organization. If you are ready to spend less time dealing with the paperwork and more time focusing on your cause, then call us today.