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Everything you need to run your Organization

Manage your membership, events, emails and website in one spot.

StarChapter is an all-in-one answer to running your association, club or chapter.


Event Registration Software

Cover the complete event registration cycle from one place. Easily set up your meeting or event information to display on the website, email invitations or announcements. Ticket prices and rates are also easy to set up. Simple yet professional looking registration forms that are integrated on your website make the entire process user friendly. Track registrations and no-shows, revenue, member and guest counts, print badges, send invoices and receipts, handle walk-ins and much more.

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StarChapter covers every facet of the Event Registration Software Cycle.
Membership Management Software.

Membership Management Software

Everything stems from your membership data. With StarChapter you'll be able to manage your member data more easily, keeping it up to date and accurate and also maintaining your non-members or prospective member data. The system keeps track of meeting attendance and activity for each member. You'll also be able to track and send statements for receipts or monies owed for dues or past meeting registrations. Organize your member data into all the groups you need like member types, business types, committees and more.

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Send out your association newsletters, event invitations, surveys, dues reminders or welcome new members without all the headache of importing and exporting lists and contact data into separate systems. Use our online association survey software to create and send your surveys in minutes. With everything in one place, you'll be able to create these emails from the information that is already in the system, saving you time and keeping the look professional. Targeting your groups is also a snap.

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Email Communication - association newsletters and event invitations.
Association website design and content management software.

Association Content Management Software

You don't need to be a webmaster to update your new StarChapter website. But if you are, you won't give up the control you are used to either. Keeping your site up to date is important and having an intuitive system in place that is user friendly makes it that much easier to achieve that goal. Your StarChapter website includes everything your membership needs right out of the box, and is customizable to fit your organization. There are many types of content that are included in your StarChapter site such as blogs, forums, media, forms, photos and more.

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Association Website Design

Your website design is important and that is why StarChapter makes it possible for you to have a beautiful and professional design that is appropriate for your site.  Customization can be very basic; from uploading logos and matching color schemes, to a customized version of one of our design layouts. You can even bring in your own designers to work with our implementation team.

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Professional customized design, tailored for your brand, with our help or your own designer's, that works on all devices.
Secure payments online are the current standard. We make it easy for your to process payments anywhere you can use the internet.

Payment Solutions

Having your members and guests pay for meetings on your website is a must.  In order to do this, your organization needs a payment processing method that is secure, cost effective and fully integrated into the web site.   StarChapter has many different solutions to fit your need.  While we are not a merchant processor and this is a separate service, we have made it super easy for you to get up and running in no time.

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