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Content Managment

Manage your website without being a programmer.

Page Content & Layout Management

Not really a pro at web site design? Don't worry! StarChapter is created for non-technical people to manager their website content. StarChapter's user friendly content management interface allows you to do simple editing of texts, formatting of color, size, etc just like in Microsoft Word. Its easy to use editor gives you the ability to create professional looking pages on your website without all the hassle of learning programming languages.

Content Drafts & Approvals

StarChapter's innovative technology allows the new content to be entered into an administration area (without publishing it live to your site) so other board members can review your information and make necessary changes. StarChapter allows you to preview your site content and make appropriate changes before it goes live. Many smaller chapters and organizations may not require a two level workflow so this can be disabled to a single step without the secondary approval needed.

Content Restrictions

With StarChapter, member access can be segmented into different groups. StarChapter gives you total control on which members are authorized to view that section; for example, you can set up a committee where information is shared only for the group of members you choose. StarChapter gives you the freedom to let you designate what information is accessible or restricted to your members while making changes at any time you desire.

Navigation Manager

The StarChapter Navigation Builder allows you, the everyday board member, the benefit of flexibility. You can add pages and organize how they are found. You are able to make adjustments to your site menus on the fly with ease. After you create a new page of content, all you need to do is add it to an existing list of links on your site or create a new sub-navigation for a new category of pages.

Sponsors & Ad Management

We understand that operating a successful chapter or association can really add up. The best way to raise money is by having sponsors. Managing sponsors and banner ads in StarChapter is effortless. Sponsors' company logos or ad graphics are easily uploaded and dynamically placed on your website and email communications, like the newsletter. Multiple categories and levels, like platinum, gold, and silver, can be set up to differentiate how and where sponsors are placed while keeping your site looking professional. StarChapter lets you save time by setting up expiration dates and have the ads automatically pulled off the site.

Media Management

Ever heard of Facebook or MySpace? I'm sure you have. With StarChapter, you can streamline the time consuming process of managing your social media content and messaging. StarChapter allows you to automatically update your social media accounts while adding regular information to your site. As a volunteer, it allows you to concentrate on more important things than do double the work; why not let StarChapter work for you?


Newsletters are a huge part of the communication strategy for any association or member-based organization. StarChapter standardizes the layout and makes the presentation of information organized and professional looking. StarChapter allows the board member in charge to simply focus on the new article content instead of trying to figure out the format, archive the previous newsletter, or saving the data for future use. They can email it instantly, or place it on the live site.

Blog & Forum

StarChapter allows you to increase member interaction with a blog or forum. Capture the attention of a younger audience by allowing them to post comments, ideas or thoughts about your chapter, association, and/or industry and let your members and even general website visitors comment and carry on the conversation.


StarChapter's calendar saves time by automatically adding events and meetings that have already been added through the meeting manager. It also allows you to add other postings, such as national association and industry events and conferences, key legislative dates, local happenings, or any other date that would be important to your members, prospective members, and general site visitors. Generate more traffic to your website by filling it with relevant local and national event info so that more people visit your site to find out what's happening! The calendar is also integrated with social networking sites to further promote your events and meetings.

Online Store

Want to get more revenue for your chapter or association? StarChapter allows you to set up different catalogs with items for sale. Generate extra revenue for your chapter or organization by other products. Partner with an ad specialty company in your area and give people the chance to really feel like they are a part of something by proudly displaying their mug on their desk or by wearing branded hats or t-shirts, etc. All of this is possible with StarChapter without creating a lot of headache for the board member in charge of this responsibility. StarChapter also gives you total control by allowing you to limit the quantities of each product while providing detailed reports to help track revenue from each product and member.

Document Storage

With StarChapter you can simply organize, share, and archive documents and files. You are in control by having the ability to share documents securely to your membership or openly to the public. Associate meeting documents, like meeting minutes, a presentation, or an agenda, to the meeting record for easy retrieval. This is great for people who missed the meeting but want to stay in the loop. StarChapter lets you stay organized while keeping your information secure.

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