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Easily email meeting invites, reminders, general messages and more with StarChapter's integrated software.

Event Invitations & Follow Ups

Become a pro at event and meeting invitations and follow-up communications with StarChapter! Using StarChapter, you can quickly send out invitations to members and prospects; StarChapter even allows you to target certain groups and send follow up or thank you emails with ease. The information is gathered automatically and formatted into a professionally designed email template!

Easy Group Email Delivery

Whether it is a meeting invitation, committee update, newsletter, board of director announcement, etc, you will be able to choose the group of people you want to send to. Using StarChapter will simplify your life by keeping all the information in one place and allowing you to create groups at the same time. StarChapter allows you to work proficiently and more accurately by targeting only those you wish to email.

Auto Emails for Recurring Events

StarChapter saves you time by allowing you to set up and automate the sending process. StarChapter allows automatic emails for newsletters, reminder notices, welcoming new members, or meeting announcements to people who haven't registered for the event you set up. Reduce the time you spend on emails today and let StarChapter do the work for you!

Email Delivery Tracking

Ever wonder whether the email address is correct or expired? With StarChapter, it can maximize your emailing efforts by letting you know which emails to correct. StarChapter keeps your email list clean and allows you to track the emails you send out to prospects and members by alerting you if they were delivered, opened, or bounced.

Survey Management

Want to know what your members and prospects think? By using StarChapter's integrated survey functionality, you can collect feedback from members, guests, or prospects. Use StarChapter's surveys to gain feedback after meetings or events, understand your members concerns and interests, manage elections, and collect important opinions on issues. StarChapter also gives you total control by limiting entries to one per user, allowing you to make surveys public or anonymous, and makes your data more accurate through detailed answer reports and summaries.

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