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Political Campaigns

Any type of political campaign will have to deal with an enormous amount of paperwork and administrative tasks. We all know the amount of time that is spent dealing with emails, phone calls, and various ways to gain supporters for your campaign. Have you spent way to much time sitting behind a desk trying to catch up with all the work that needs to be done only to find yourself never making a dent in the paperwork? Do you have people working with you and supporting your cause and they too are feeling the pressure of never having enough time in a day to complete all that needs to be done? You are not alone in this issue, as it is very common with political campaigns. What if I told you that we had the solution for you?

StarChapter offers a solution for your political campaign that will increase the membership activity level, increase the amount of new membership applications you receive, boost your revenue and save you time. You are probably wondering how is this even possible, right? Well for starters, StarChapter offers a membership management program that can all be done online. This program features a variety of tools for you to use that will allow you and your campaign workers to keep track of all things related to membership in one central location. With political campaigns there are often many lists that are created for your supporters. Now you can do all this in one spot. If you need one list or 100, StarChapter's membership management program will do it all for you. You can even set it up so new members can sign up and show their support right online. No need to follow up with emails, they can register for themselves.

Do you spend countless hours sending emails? Do you have to copy from one program to another just to get all your emails in one location? This is a huge time waster and with StarChapter's membership management program, you will no longer need to do this. All your emails will be in one central location, so you can save countless hours. You have much more important things to be focusing on, like getting your political message out there. So let StarChapter handle all your membership issues.

Another great way that we can save your precious time is through the use of our event registration software. With this dynamic program, we can handle all your event registration matters. From signing up, to collecting payments, to even setting up a waiting list. Imagine the amount of time you will have on your hands, so that you can plan your event to go off the way you intended. No more nights spent responding to each and every email, this will all be done for you with one simple program.

So ask yourself if you can really afford not to try out these amazing programs.  Wouldn't your time be better spent working on your political campaign instead of doing all the needed administrative tasks? These are only a few ways we can help, we have many more. Give us a call today and ask us how we can help your political campaign.