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 There are tons of reasons why boards have switched to StarChapter for their association management software solution.  Whether you've become frustrated using different systems to piece all the work of managing your local chapter together, outgrown your current system, or wanting professional customer service, we're here to help make your transition seamless.

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Project Management To Help Get Started

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of using a new system. Not with StarChapter! At StarChapter you will get a dedicated project coordinator who will guide and assist you so that you can start on the run. Using the flexible StarChapter design templates as a basis, graphic design specialists at StarChapter will customize images to meet your organization's tastes. You provide the text, pictures, logos, and other multi-media assets of your association and local chapter and we'll help you setup your StarChapter website. Provide the member and prospect records in a spreadsheet so your implementation specialist at StarChapter can upload the data.  Our training staff will teach you and your fellow board members how to administer the StarChapter software so that you are self-sufficient.


Membership Management Customer Support & Self-Help Tools

membership management software supportStarChapter provides a variety of self-help tools so you can find the answer you are looking for anytime, anywhere.  The StarChapter's knowledge base is loaded with useful information all in one spot.  User guides, how-to documents, and FAQ are all searchable through the knowledge base so you can find what you are looking for easily.  Our knowledge base is a living documentation platform and is continually being added to and improved.

We also know that self-help has it's limits, so at StarChapter we are proud to provide customer support via our support ticketing system, email, and phone.  Customer Support is available during regular business hours 9AM - 5PM EST Monday - Friday.  Contact our support team by email at or by phone at 1-866-775-3205.


Ongoing Board Member Training

board member software trainingStarChapter is easy to use, but as with anything spending a little time being trained will make your experience using the StarChapter application better.  StarChapter's experienced trainers show you how to use the software, plus show you best practices, newly added functionality, and answer questions specific to your organizations needs.  When boards are ready to transition, StarChapter will train new board members and board members transitioning to new positions so that they are prepared for their new responsibilities.  Training is performed via web conferencing, so you can be anywhere with an internet connection to participate.



Professionally Designed Website and Hosting For Membership & Association Sites

professionally designed websitesUsing the flexible StarChapter design templates as a basis, graphic design specialists at StarChapter will customize images to meet your organization's style.  With a custom look and feel that puts all the critical pieces of your association or organization into one, easy-to-navigate, and easy to maintain website. In a short time you'll have the site you want, set up so that the board can maintain itself without knowing programing, like HTML.

StarChapter is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform designed to handle the technical aspects of having a secure website with a user friendly content management system to administer your website.  And thanks to StarChapter's powerful hosted service, there's no need for you to deal with the technical side of running a website for your association.  The StarChapter software service is hosted in a managed, secure environment, including data protection, monitoring, networking redundancy, regular backups and disaster continuity.  You can feel confident that our service is safe and your data will not be compromised.


Accept Online Payments for Events and Membership Dues

accept dues and event credit card payments onlineWith StarChapter your association or organization can accept credit card payments seamlessly for events and meeting registration tickets, member dues, raffle tickets, donations, and other products!  Ease of use is important when customers make online purchases and StarChapter's shopping cart functionality is just that - easy to use.  It's also secure!  With the increase in credit card and identity theft we understand that security is a major concern for you and your members.

StarChapter integrates with many payment gateways, such as, to provide seamless integration between your StarChapter site and your merchant account.  The StarChapter service is PCI compliant (the universal standard in processing safe ecommerce transactions) and checked regularly with PCI compliancy audits.  Security SSL certificates are automatically renewed each year as part of the StarChapter service which ensure encrypted transactions of payment information.


Regular Functionality Enhancements for Membership Software

seemless software upgrades for membership managementNo waiting for upgrades, services packs, or hotfixes to be installed.  No painful conversions from one version of StarChapter to another.  StarChapter is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform so you always get the latest and greatest functionality.  We seamlessly enhance the StarChapter service with new features and enhancements on a regular basis.  As upgrades are released they are automatically integrated to your StarChapter website.

We are always listening to you, our customers!  User feedback is strongly encouraged because developing new features are based on your needs and the latest research.