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Sports Clubs

Having a sports club should be all about the sports and attending the games, right? Do you find yourself stuck behind a desk dealing with all the administrative tasks and not having enough time for your game? In order to effectively run a sports club of any kind there is unfortunately a lot of paperwork and management that comes with it. Chances are that you do not have a large budget, so instead of hiring someone to take care of the paperwork, do you find yourself doing the paperwork. There is a much better solution when it comes to membership management.

StarChapter is now offering a one of kind membership management program that can free up your time, so you can focus on getting back in the game. The software that is being offered from StarChapter will save you so much time, you will feel like you have your very own personal assistant. The membership management software can be catered to your specific needs and will allow you to keep track of all new and prospective members in one easy place. Many times sport's clubs will have more than one person in charge of keeping membership lists, and sometimes things may get misplaced. Maybe you have to go from one list to the other, and this can be very time consuming. That is all about to change, thanks to the great membership management that StarChapter can offer you. You will have all your membership lists in an easy to use online format. If you need to create more than one list, that is done with the simple click of a mouse. What could be easier right?

Have you ever held an event or fundraiser for your sports club? There is so much time and preparation that needs to go into these events and, as we all know, most of that time is spent behind a desk. With StarChapter's event registration program, you will finally be able to really focus on the actual event instead of the administrative tasks that go along with it. This program will allow your members to sign up and pay for their tickets online. After the payment has been made, the system will also send them a confirmation email. So you will not have to spend your precious time sending out those emails and confirming everyone’s payment. StarChapter's event registration program can even create waiting lists for you. Once a spot becomes free for your event, the system will send them an email to inform them. Wow, can you imagine how much time that will save?

This is a just a few ways that StarChapter can help your sports club. We have many more options that are available, and we will work with you every step of the way. We understand the needs of clubs and will provide you with the personal assistance that you need. If you need more time to focus on what really matters, and less time doing the paper work, call us today. We are standing by to take your call and are ready to help propel your sports club into the future.