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Presidents of local chapters ensure that things run smoothly throughout their term. The success measured at the end of their term is based on ensuring that budgets are set and met, membership increases, members see value in membership, and that meeting attendance and revenues increase. StarChapter is designed to help presidents achieve these goals and beyond with special tracking and reports.

Membership Management Software


Treasurers expect to put in a lot of time to fulfill their volunteer duties. Often this is accepted as a fact and there is no way to change it. But with StarChapter, treasurers benefit from years of experience and knowledge in various-sized membership associations. All of this knowledge has been collected and put to use in the design of StarChapter and what it can do.

Association Management Software


Traditionally webmasters needed to know web languages such as HTML and CSS, but it is hard to find a pool of people with these skills in organizations. Using StarChapter, any board member can manage the website without having any previous technical knowledge. The site is self-managed by taking advantage of StarChapter's Services such as our self-help Knowledgebase and Ongoing Board Training webinars.

Membership Management Software

Membership Chair

Healthy chapters rely on organized and accurate membership data and contact information. If your membership chair is spending a lot of time keeping contact information up-to-date and accurate, importing and exporting the data from one spreadsheet to another, and having to manually keep track of who is expiring and when, there is a better way. With StarChapter, membership chairs spend less time doing these repetitive tasks and get better insights to share with the board.

Association Management Software

Programs & Events Chair

Easily manage all of your event information from start to finish. Add in meeting details only once, and the website will be updated. You can auto-archive past events and allow online event registration, tracking, badges, invoices, receipts, reports and more. Your StarChapter website will become the repository for all your events, producing a long and rich historical archive to document the value of membership.

Membership Management Software

Education Chair

Keep track of attendance at events that offer continuous educational credits. Run reports and upload educational materials with member-only access. You will no longer have to wait for others to update the website, send out invitations, or access and archive the educational material of your organization.


Board & Management


Association Management Companies (AMCs)

Board volunteers have limited time and can only do so much for their organizations. This is why your AMC is critical to the success of the associations and chapters you manage. StarChapter helps you spend less time doing tedious work using only one software. You get to position your AMC and your organizations achieve lasting results.


Many local small or regional large chapters hire paid admins to manage the specifics of their chapter. Using StarChapter, paid admins have easy access to manage membership, revenues, and website, while freeing up the time for board volunteers to focus on what is actually important to make their chapter successful. Paid admins who have been using StarChapter report a tremendous increase in productivity. 

Executive Directors

StarChapter is your partner for success: Executive Directors need the right tools and features that would help them creatively take your chapter to the next level and save them time achieving it. Using StarChapter, your executive directors will decrease the amount of time they spend managing your chapter, and in turn, save costs and increase revenues. 



I've been working with Star Chapter for 5+ years and we have moved from one client to 18 clients on the system. It is easy to use, affordable and has wonderful support. The support team is what keeps my staff on top of changes and creative solutions for client wish lists. They are also great at answering questions in a timely manner. Our AMC clients have loved the reporting, look and feel and overall ease of use for the website. They have a fully integrated website that meets all of their needs from email and event registration to membership management and newsletter updates. Overall, this is my top recommendation for a website for our clients at AMC!

— Logan Beszterda
AMC - Association Management Consultants, LLC