Event Registration Software

Event Invites & Follow Ups

Become a pro at event and meeting invitations and follow-up communication. Harness the membership management tools to send out invitations to members or non-members, target certain groups, and send follow up or thank you emails. The information is automatically gathered and formatted into professionally designed email templates.


Group Email Delivery Software

Group Email Delivery Software

Target the group of recipients and send out all types of emails: newsletters, board of directors' announcements, meeting invites, welcome messages, and other communication. The group email delivery software simplifies your role in the organization by keeping all the information together while grouping members and non-members at the same time.

Chapter Management Services

Auto Emails for Recurring Events

Automate the email delivery process and save time on communication with members and non-members. You can automate any email type, even meeting reminders to people who haven't registered for the event yet. This will reduce the time you spend and get more activity in. 

Chapter Website

Email Delivery Tracking

Stop guessing whether email addresses are valid or expired. Communication tracking is important to manage the organization. Our group email delivery software maximizes your email efforts by flagging out incorrect data and keeping your lists clean. Admins can also track open and bounce rates of all sent emails and review history by email address.

Membership Management

Survey Management Tool

Let your members and non-members share their views with StarChapter's survey management for chapters. You can follow up on meetings and events to gain feedback, understand concerns and interests, manage elections, and poll for opinions. You get full control on survey management tool such as setting the survey limits and privacy. Survey responses are easy to analyze with our detailed survey answer reports.