Where is the New Guy eBook

Where's the New Guy?

6 Roadblocks on the Path to Increasing Chapter Membership & How to Overcome Them

The path to membership can be hindered by roadblocks your chapter leadership is creating unintentionally or not. What if you had a plan in place to help ensure that guests to your meetings and prospective members have a positive experience with your chapter? Improving your relationship with the new guy can help increase your attendance, your membership, and ultimately, your revenues.

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Where is the New Guy eBook 2

Where's the New Guy?

How to Overcome The 3 Biggest Obstacles to An Effective Chapter Volunteer Program

The state of volunteerism is in a decline but, your chapter’s volunteer program doesn’t have to be. In this whitepaper we will share tips on how to overcome common obstacles to get more volunteers and how to structure your volunteer program so that will increase engagement with your members. Improving the new guy’s participation in your volunteer program goes a long way toward turning new members into long-term, active participants.

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Where is the New Guy eBook 3

Where's the New Guy?

Moving Your Members Successfully from Volunteering to Board Leadership

Ensuring that you have a fully staffed and trained board with a reasonable sharing of responsibilities, you can significantly improve your board dynamics and its ability to deliver on your chapter’s mission. Getting the new guy engaged with your board gets him to stay involved with the chapter as a long-term, active participant. Once he’s on the board, it’s up to him and the other board members, to continue to engage incoming members.

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Boost Attendance eBook

5 Steps to Boost Event Attendance

Do you always see the same people at each meeting?

Over the years we have worked with a LOT of board volunteers who focus on improving their chapter. Through our relationships with board volunteers we’ve developed, 5 Steps to Boost Event Attendance. This guide was specifically designed for local chapter leaders like you who want to learn new ways to boost attendance at events and meetings.

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The Free Meal Model eBook

The Free “Lunch” Model and Why it Doesn’t Work in Your Association

All too often we hear from chapters that don’t charge for their meetings and that “free” lunch may be costing your association chapter more than you know. Don’t see your chapter shot. See how you can implement a plan to improve attendance, activity, and membership value.

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Impact of Chapter Management Software

The Impact of Chapter Management Software

Empowering volunteer leaders with the tools they need to succeed

Hear from real chapter leaders, like yourself, that streamlined their chapter management using an affordable AMS. These chapters are saving time, better engaging members and prospects, generating more revenue and increasing their long-term success.

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Chapter Leadership Toolkit

Chapter Leadership Toolkit

Empowering volunteer leaders with the tools they need to succeed

Toolkits are an important resource for chapter leadership. They offer consistency which is critical for the association’s success. We’ve created this collection of templates and worksheets to help you and your chapters develop and implement new programs aimed at stronger engagement with members and prospects, manage the chapter’s finances, streamline and standardize processes, and of course help you save time by minimizing the effort it takes to get things done.

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Common Traps eBook

The 5 Most Common Traps Chapter Leaders Should Avoid

We’ve seen these 5 common traps lead to major problems within organizations, such as drop in membership and revenues, and burden chapter leaders to the point of exhaustion. Avoid these 5 traps and increase membership, attendance rates, and ensure board continuity.

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Assessment Guide eBook

The Ultimate Assessment Guide for Chapter Presidents and Leaders

Whether you are new to being the president or a leader of your chapter or finishing the first year, or you are completing your term and ready to pass on the torch, this Assessment Guide can develop vital knowledge about the current state of your chapter and shed light on a clear path towards new levels of success.

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Suggested Reading

The Culture Code Book

The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups

By: Daniel Coyle

In The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle shares the insights he’s gained from the four years he spent researching eight of the world’s most successful organizations, including a special-ops military unit, an inner-city school, a professional basketball team, a movie studio, a comedy troupe, and a gang of jewel thieves. He found that their cultures are created by a specific set of skills that allow diverse groups to function at a high level.

This book is a great resource if you want to learn more about how to build and sustain a successful culture in your chapter, and how to strengthen a culture that is in need."

— Sarah





Suggested Reading

The Happiness Advantage Book

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles that Fuel Success and Performance at Work

By: Shawn Achor

Many professionals think that if they reach a specific work-related goal, then they can allow themselves to be happy. But the definition of success is a moving target, and if you base your happiness on success, you might find that you’re never feeling truly fulfilled. All seven principles are backed by scientific experiments, and Sean provides very easy concepts that allows anyone to utilize these seven principles in their daily life.

The Happiness Advantage by Sean Achor allows the reader to see how these two concepts should be reversed. If you practice your happiness, success will come."

— Dana

Organize Tomorrow Today Book

Organize Tomorrow Today

By: Dr. Jason Selk, Tom Bartow, Matthew Rudy

What if two minutes a day could dramatically increase your productivity? In Organize Tomorrow Today, seasoned performance coaches share a collection of simple and easy-to-implement strategies that have boosted both performance and results for professional athletes, executives, and professionals in a range of fields.

Actionable and realistic tips, with chapters structured for easy reference."

— Kristin