StarChapter of October: APICS Ottawa

StarChapter of October: APICS Ottawa

Little less than year has passed since the board of APICS Ottawa chapter voted on moving to StarChapter. Almost a year later, with an increase in the membership base, the chapter is now stronger than ever brining in new groups of volunteers and gaining high retention rates. We interviewed the President Timothy C. Frank, CPIM CSCP, who spoke about the transition to StarChapter, challenges and success factors to share with others. The inspirational story of the APICS Ottawa chapter.

  1. What was Ottawa APICS Chapter’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?
    The strategy was to increase membership of Students, Young Professionals and Enterprises. We recruited energetic Students and Young Professionals volunteers. They re-energize our dodgy old social media platforms and use word of mouth to help others understand what Supply Chain is and how APICS can help them with their careers.


  1. Can you tell me about a successful event/meeting that you organized in the past year?
    To-date feedback is split on Lean/Six Sigma and FIFA 2015 Logistics. We are expecting the upcoming Career Risk Mitigation sessions targeted to our local College and Universities to be very successful.


  1. Can you share some secrets to running a successful chapter?
    Recruit talented people, allow them to run with their strengths, guide them, and fill in the gaps.  Also, don’t forget to try and keep up with them.


  1. Do you get inspiration from other chapters?
    Yes, big time. Why recreate the wheel? I’m not a Marketing person, I’m a Supply Chain Professional. There were several sites that were inspirational before and after go-live for the website and World Class formats. District meetings were also inspirational. 


  1. Do you have any tips/advise to share with other volunteers?
    Be positive and engaged. Be realistic about your ability to contribute and communicate that to the team. 


  1. What is in store for your APICS Ottawa Chapter members next?
    Retention and growth; continued outstanding educational programming; increased member communication with their preferred social media.


  1. How did Star Chapter help you run the chapter and reach your goals?
    The transition to StarChapter opened the flood gates on how to re-energize our image. The migration was fairly smooth, and the production support group very patient and supportive. I would encourage others to engaged young professionals in the migration team, but for us they weren’t on-board at that stage.



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