StarChapter of January: SHRM Evansville

Meeting member growth, development needs through monthly meetings with engaging speakers who present on relevant topics, strengthening relationships with workplaces, fostering connections with centers of education, and building upon community partnerships, have all contributed to the successful strategy of the SHRM Evansville chapter in the past year. We spoke with BethAnn Langlois, a volunteer leader on the board, who shared the mission, strategy and a few of the actions taken in the past year.

1. What was SHRM Evansville’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?
Our membership has grown by more than 20% and much of this is attributed to our member referral programs.  We held a “new Member Feeding Frenzy” program that ran from July through December 31.  Members earned a point for every new member referral that joined EHRA.  Members received extra bonus points for any new referral that was a SHRM member.  Throughout the program we would offer additional ways to earn extra points based on types of referrals, in the monthly newsletter, e-mail blasts and the EHRA’s LinkedIn announcements.

When the program ended, the top three referrers with the most points had a choice of receiving their prize amount in the form of any retailer gift card available through giftcardmall.com, an EHRA credit, or a donation in their name to their favorite charity.  Winners received $100 for the first place, $75 for the second place, and $50 for the third place. 

In addition, two drawings were conducted at the end of the program from all referrals received with the two drawing winners receiving a free EHRA Conference in 2015.


2. Can you elaborate on a main event/meeting that you organized in the past year?
We organized a spring seminar, which is always our best attended event.  This year, we had a keynote presentation from Dick Finnegan, speaking on the “Power of Stay Interviews”.   Mr. Finnegan discussed the importance of supervisors and their impact to the company and employees.   We also had over 20 local and regional vendors participate who provide HR related services that our membership could learn more about to benefit their employees. 


3.  Do you get ideas on how to improve membership value from other SHRM chapters? 

While we have a successful membership program in place, we want to always be on the lookout for ways to improve membership value. EHRA looks to other local and regional chapters for membership ideas and also to the National SHRM. 


4.   Do you have any tips/advice to share with other board volunteers? 

Stay involved!  Even after your term on the board is up, it can be easy to slide back into the shadow of the organization when there are many different ways to stay involved such as serving on a smaller committees, mentoring a student member, and volunteering to be a presenter for your chapter’s speaker’s bureau.


5.  What is in store for the members of SHRM Evansville next year?  
We plan to continue on the same path of growing our flagship spring seminar and providing timely and educational monthly presentations engaging local, regional and national speakers.


6. How did StarChapter help you run the organization and reach your goals?
The system allows our chapter leadership to quickly manage upcoming event registration numbers and initiate focused advertising communication to members if needed. Members can easily go online to check out and register for events and have multiple options for payment, use a credit card, bypass payment for later, or even use a voucher stored in their account. As President of the Evansville-Area Human Resource Association, StarChapter Meeting Manager and Membership functions have assisted me with reporting needs. The Admin site is a quick resource when I need basic information about chapter events or members.


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