StarChapter of March: Houston ANP

Engaging all types of members frequently and repeatedly throughout the month has been proven an effective strategy to improve member value for the Houston Area Nurse Practitioners (HANP) association. We spoke with Sara Wilkins from AMC-Association Management Consultants, L.L.C., the Administrator for HANP to learn about how they were able to utilize StarChapter to reach the chapter’s goals and what is in planned for the coming months.


1. What was Houston ANP’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?
HANP sends out a newsletter through StarChapter each month to over 2,000 nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students to let them know of monthly meetings and education conferences. Maintaining the newsletter every month helps us stay connected to our members and ensures they are kept informed about the meeting calendar, which in turn boosts meeting attendance.


2. Tell us about a successful event/meeting you organized last year

We had our 4th annual conference last year at Hotel ZaZa where over 100 nurse practitioners were in attendance. This was a wonderful opportunity for all nurse practitioners in the Houston area to connect, network and learn about the latest developments in the practice. We are having our 5th annual conference this year at the Hyatt downtown with over 130 registered. And this number keep growing by the day! 


3.  Do you get ideas on how to improve membership value from other AANP chapters? 

Our board members attend TNP (Texas Nurse Practitioners) and AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners) conferences and always come back with great ideas on how to better our organization! We believe that the best way to improve performance and ensure chapter stability is to share ideas and learn from others in the field. We are definitely looking forward to the next annual conferences where we connect with other nurse practitioners on a state and national scale.


4.  What is in store for the members of Houston ANP next year?  
The Houston Association of Nurse Practitioners will be hosting a two day conference instead of only a one day conference. The first day will consist of four workshops and the second day will be CE lectures. Also, the monthly meetings will be structured more around CE topics than pharmaceuticals. We hope to have 4 CE monthly meetings next year.


5. How did StarChapter help you run HANP and reach its goals?
StarChapter helped the HANP reach our predefined goals by enabling the organization to reach out to over 2,000 members and nonmembers who subscribe to our emails. As mentioned above, staying connected with our members through the monthly newsletter has been a valuable and a rewarding feature of the StarChapter application since day one. 




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