StarChapter of January: STA St. Louis

The relation between chapters and national could be hard to maintain over time. Your time as a board volunteer is limited and you might struggle to communicate effectively with the national headquarters. The board of the Security Traders Association of St. Louis (STASL) discovered the power of engaging national, a strategy which has been proven effective in the past year. We spoke with their board who shared ideas on how to sustain the connection with national activities as well as other chapter management tips and advice. Click to read their story.


1. What was STASL’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?

Our chapter focused on the following four things in the past year: one, developing the new website to more effectively add new members, communicate with both members and non-members, and facilitate the registration process for STASL events. Two, utilize 'Membership' tab to communicate the benefits of STASL membership and a link to a new member application. Three, promote upcoming events new members who may want to attend via the website and emails. And four, create a 'Contact us' link for new members to speed up the engagement.

2. Tell us about a successful event/meeting you organized last year

The past year, the board focused on our Annual Summer event on June 2-3 2016 at the Westin. The keynote speaker was Kevin Kliesen, a Business Economist and Bank Officer in the Research Division at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Another speaker was Fireside Chat with Stacey Cunningham, Chief Operating Officer, NYSE Group. They added a lot of value to attendees.

In addition to the Annual event, the chapter held profession and social related events such as the STA Retail Advisory meeting, Golf outing at Stonewolf Golf, Anheuser Busch Tour, and St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Francisco Giants at the Busch Stadium.

3. The STA network is extensive. Does the board get ideas on how to improve membership value from other chapters?

Certainly, especially ideas related to expanding membership, collaborating with STA National, developing the STA Women in Finance Committee, managing costs, planning events and general administrative matters. The board also attends the STA National Conference each year in Washington DC. Additionally, we hold monthly conference calls with STA National President & CEO, STA National Governors and other STA affiliates to keep up with changes in the association.

4. What is the most valuable advice you could share with other board volunteers?

Remember the impact our organization has on the local St. Louis community: One of the main goals of the Security Traders Association of St. Louis' mission is to support our local community through education and charity. Through this support, they were able to enhance the communities where we live and work. Thanks to the support of our membership, STASL was able to donate $52,500 to local charities in 2016. Aside from monetary grants, these local charities benefit from the personal advocacy and volunteerism of our STASL members.  STASL is proud and honored to have contributed to numerous organizations in the past year.

5. What does the board have planned for members of STASL next year?

The annual Summer STASL event will take place on June 7-8 2017, and our Holiday party in early December. We also plan more golf outings and a St. Louis Cardinals game.

6. How did StarChapter help you run STASL and reach its goals?

We could not have achieved our goals without the assistance of StarChapter! They significantly improved our processed to manage the twice-a-year events and assisted in streamlining communications, automating member list management, and reducing the time Board members spent on managing the chapter.


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