StarChapter of November: ARMA New York City

The ARMA Metro New York City Chapter aims to educate their members in the areas of Information Governance, including Records and Information Management. They do this through their monthly educational meetings: ARMA@Noon, their Evening Chapter Meetings, as well as their premier Annual Spring Conference.  We were able to connect with Eugene Stakhov, CRM, CDIA+ the chapter’s Executive Vice-President to get some insight on how they have been able to achieve their success.

1.       What was ARMA NYC’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?

Our strategy for engaging new members has been two-fold:  First, we reach out to new members by phone and/or email and invite them personally to a chapter meeting, often as guests of the chapter with a discounted or waived registration fee. Since our membership database is updated via the monthly feed from ARMA International HQ, we know we have access to the contact information for all members - new and existing.  The membership committee then handles follow-ups and further outreach to ensure a consistent communication channel with the individuals. 

2.       Tell us about a successful event/meeting you organized last year.

ARMA Metro NYC's annual Spring Conference is by far our flagship event.  The conference draws hundreds of attendees from across the Northeast/Atlantic regions and beyond, and over 25 corporate sponsors.  We typically join forces with 2-3 geographically relevant sister chapters (such as New Jersey and Connecticut) in co-branding and collaborating on putting the conference together.  This event competes with - and in many aspects, exceeds - national conferences of similar scope.

3.       The ARMA NYC network is extensive. Does the board get ideas on how to improve membership value from other chapters?

Members of our Board of Directors are in constant communication and exchange of ideas/tips with other chapter’s board members, via organized information sharing conference calls and web sessions organized by ARMA International.  In addition, a contingent of chapter leaders participate in the annual Region Leadership Conference, that draws leadership from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region chapters.  Many of us also just talk on a personal and/or professional level and are always willing to share ideas with each other. 

4.       Do you have any tips/advice to share with other board volunteers?

The best advice that could be given to anyone volunteering is to just…get…more…involved!  Ask questions, give suggestions, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.  Volunteering at the board or committee levels is an opportunity to lend your voice to an industry that is changing before our very eyes.  You have an opportunity to influence that change.

5.       What is in store for your members this year?

We have a fresh, exciting line of speakers presenting on relevant content; a revived podcast series; newsletter interviews with some of the top thought leaders in the field of RIM/IG; and a renewed focus on social events that we hope will get people mingling, networking and having FUN!  

6.       How have been able to utilize StarChapter to run ARMA NYC and reach its goals? 

The StarChapter platform serves as our command center to integrate the many moving parts that must all come together in lockstep in order to put on successful educational and social events.  The annual conference in particular is a massive undertaking, and having centralized data stores for members, attendees, vendors, badges, communications, etc. really makes things more manageable for us as a task force unit.  We have been scaling up over the past 2 years, and believe we can scale even further - and this year we are planning to do just that - using the StarChapter tools at our disposal.


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