StarChapter of January: WMAC – APA

For 34 years the Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter of the American Payroll Association (WMAC) has been a local leader in payroll education.   Education, their main purpose, happens through their chapter meetings, their affiliation with the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference, and their CPP/FPC Study Group.  The study group is designed to help fellow payroll professionals get the knowledge and confidence they need to become certified. We were able to connect with Daniel Dycus to get more insight into how their chapter engages with their members and non-members in order to succeed.

1.  What was WMAC - APA’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?

We’ve used our website, social media, postal mailings and personal touch to engage our new members.  We created a survey to non-members to not only get their valuable input but also introduce ourselves, offered a discounted Chapter Meeting and a drawing for an APA Payroll Source.  Also, we purchased the Business Journal’s Book of List and sent mailings to each company and offered them the opportunity to attend a chapter meeting at a significantly reduced rate.  We also had a survey for these non-members, allowing them to enter into a drawing to encourage participation.

2. Tell us about a successful event/meeting you organized last year.

Our September meeting was our best.  During this meeting, we celebrated National Payroll Week.  This meeting was our best since we drew participation from both members and non-members.  We had a drawing for our attendees who entered questions into our Q&A session, known as our fish bowl. These participants were entered a drawing for the APA Payroll Source. Our speaker for this meeting were two attorneys who talked on Top Executive Questions on Taxable Fringe Benefits covering real cases from the legal perspective

3. The WMAC - APA network is extensive. Does the board get ideas on how to improve membership value from other chapters?

We are lucky to have an extremely creative board. I think all chapters look at other chapters for some basic context of membership value.  Each year, we look at our member benefits and see what we can add and/or change to offer a better value to our members.  For 2018, we have a new Director of Membership and she has brought new and fresh ideas to the chapter.

 4. Do you have any tips/advice to share with other board volunteers?

Use the resources available, talk to other board volunteers, commit to what you can deliver and understand that your volunteer hours are important.

 5. What is in store for your members this year?

We’ve had a busy year with another year upcoming soon.  We had a fall planning meeting for 2018 events that we’re quickly putting in place.  We’ve listened to our members, volunteers and surveys to help provide educational and networking events to meet everyone’s needs, including new meeting places.

 6. How have been able to utilize StarChapter to run WMAC - APA and reach its goals?  

We’ve used our website to communicate and promote our Chapter.  We’ve used surveys to hear from our members and nonmembers.  Our social media postings usually point the receiver to our website for more information, as well as our postal mailings.


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