StarChapter of June: AAF Madison

AAF Madison is one of 200 local clubs that make up the American Advertising Federation, a national organization that is dedicated to protecting and promoting the wellbeing of advertising. Through its grassroots network, the AAF keeps members abreast of the latest trends in the industry, honors and celebrates advertising excellence, promotes diversity and inclusion, develops future leaders, protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government and much, much more.  We were able to connect with their AAF Madison President Emily Shea to learn how better programming led to increased opportunity to promote the value of the chapter’s membership.

1. What was AAF Madison’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?

Our primary strategy for engaging members was better programming. A good program has the potential to draw attendees outside of our membership base. Once they’ve had exposure to our club through an actual event, it’s easy to promote the value of membership.

2. Tell us about a successful event/meeting you organized last year.

Our most successful event was our annual awards program, the American Advertising Awards. Over the past several years, we have been able to increase entries and attendees to a point at which we could move the event to better venue and give the program the exclusivity it deserves.

3. The AAF Madison network is extensive. Does the board get ideas on how to improve membership value from other chapters? 

At AAF Madison, we are lucky to be part of a national network of AAF clubs that is passionate about sharing ideas and best practices with each other. From monthly calls with other clubs in our district, to regional and national conferences, we are in a state of continuous improvement thanks to the great ideas shared by other clubs.

4. Do you have any tips/advice to share with other board volunteers? 

Like anything, what you get from serving on a board is reliant on what you give it. For some, it can be scary responsibility, especially in today’s culture of busy-ness. But when you give it your all, you have the opportunity to network in grow in ways you never thought possible. So, say “yes,” and maintain your vigor throughout your term. It will pay off.

5. What is in store for your members this year? 

As we move into the next club year, members can expect even bigger and better speakers, growing opportunities to network and a growing member base, full of energy and ideas for promoting marketing and advertising in our area.

6. How have been able to utilize StarChapter to run AAF Madison and reach its goals?  

StarChapter has helped us elevate our presence with a responsive site that makes event registration easier and more intuitive. Event email campaigns have been a breeze. And our board is more connected to what’s happening—and able to respond to member needs—thanks to improved access to data and reports.

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