4 Solutions to Improve New Member Engagement

New Member Engagement

We have all attended a new organization’s event for the first time. Even in the most professional of associations, uncertainty arises. New members often ask:

“Will I fit in?”

“How can I benefit from participation?”

“How will I contribute to the organization?”

“Will I enjoy attending their events?”


For associations and their local chapters, the goal is not only to grow membership by enrolling new members, but also to keep members coming back. Both general members and member leadership share in the responsibility of engaging new members. Let’s take a look at 4 key elements to develop new member inclusion.


1. Welcome New Members.

It may seem a simple step, but approaching new members and welcoming them to your chapter goes a long way to encourage new members to stick around. Anyone can reach out, but why leave it to chance? Build an orientation team or a welcoming committee whose main purpose is to welcome new members and announce the new members in the monthly newsletter and on the chapter’s website. This way you know your new members are receiving the attention they deserve.

And this works with new prospects as well. Feeling welcomed may just be the behavior that translates those maybes into yeses. Take a look at some other ideas for converting prospects into members.


2. Meetings Should Not Feel Like Just Another Meeting

Whether you are planning a monthly chapter meeting or an annual conference, new members, as well as current members and prospects, want not only to feel as if they have joined the right chapter, but also to enjoy their time in a productive manner, learning and growing for the betterment of their professional lives.

Creating the right atmosphere for the needs of your members is the first ingredient for success. To ensure this, you can use the survey capabilities built in to your StarChapter software to canvass current membership regarding what activities they want to participate in. Implement those ideas during upcoming meetings and keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

It is essential to provide variety in your activities. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and do things differently from time to time. Yes, some undertakings won’t work quite right, but follow-up with all members about why it didn’t work and learn lessons for the future. Knowing they are part of the process will bring new members back to see what happens next.


3. Do Post-Meeting Follow Ups.

When the meeting is over, don’t forget to contact new members, without overwhelming them with multiple emails. Make this a personal connection, one-on-one from one of your volunteer team. While important to garner reaction to meetings, it is also important to get to know them by asking questions about who they are and what brought them to the local chapter. Learn what kind of skills they have, what interest they may have in volunteering, and what kind of activities they may enjoy at future meetings. Keep track of the data you collect using technical membership management capabilities.

Introduce new members to the entire chapter via the “New Members” section of your chapter newsletter, which can be easily created and sent via newsletter templates built right into your StarChapter association management software.


4. Personally Invite New Members Back.

Make a phone call and ask members back to the next meeting. This humble act will remind new members in a highly personal way that they are welcomed to the meetings and are not just another number. You can even go so far as to have chapter leadership invite newer members to participate in some specific aspect of the next meeting or join a committee based on their unique skills.


This also works for longer term members, especially those members you may not have seen in a while. Have your membership team call and check in on all members from time to time.

Keeping all members, new and current,engaged will make your membership stronger and your chapter activities more rewarding.


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