How to Be Strategic with your Chapter Communications

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Strategic with your chapter communications

First, the list. It’s very important that you have up to date contact information – in both membership roster and prospect list.  A correct email address or phone number will ensure your communications get through and people are aware of what is going on with your chapter. 

Communication with members & prospects can be a time-consuming activity, especially if there hasn’t been a convenient way to manage your membership roster. We can help.  But, even without using StarChapter one of the most effective strategies is a targeted approach to grouping your members & prospects.

There can be any number of groups as needed, based on the structure of your chapter.

Here are 10 groupings that may be effective for your chapters to get started with this targeted communication strategy:

1. Member: include everyone who is a current and active member of the chapter.

2. Board Members: this will help with the communication of board specific meetings and specific project communication.

3. Non-member: include anyone who is not currently a member of the chapter this could include those visitors to the chapter that would haven’t joined your chapter yet, sponsors, or speakers.

4. Former members: include those who were once members but have not renewed.

5. Prospects: include those non-members that have expressed a desire to become members.

6. Brand new members: include members who have joined the chapter within a specific time frame, such as within the last 3 months.

7. Members with a longer term: This grouping allows you to focus in on who a great target for upcoming board member outreach.

8. Members with low attendance to meetings/events:  Set a threshold of what attendance you’d like to see your members at and if they’re below it, create a communications campaign to get their attendance up.

9. Areas of Interests: specify a key area of interest within the offerings of your chapter.

10. Sponsors: Targeted communication to keep your sponsor outreach engaging and setting your chapter up for renewal after renewal.

Creating key groups will help you as a chapter leader manage your membership roster and your prospect list, which in turn will create more engagement.  It’s encouraged to increase your outreach to the projects through strategic communication, as the goal is to bring members into the chapters. Emails can be created to target recipients based on their interests, which will improve their membership value as they are receive communication based on what’s important to them.

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