Personalize Your Member Communication

Our society has shifted to a strong demand for personalization, people want to feel as though they are unique. With that in mind your communication should come across as though it is speaking directly to that specific member, the same carbon copy communication is no longer acceptable. This is especially true for your newer members that want to feel a part of the community, and not as just a number.

One way to do this is to personalize your communication based on their status level. Change your content to fit the different roles members hold in your chapter. For instance, send the same main content with a different introduction and conclusion to make people feel more welcome. You can, and should, tailor content to membership tenure.

Your chapter’s database becomes essential for success in this endeavor. Segment members by member status and change communication based on that filter. Then actually create different communications. Yes, a little more work goes into the creation of varying communications, but increased engagement through attendance and volunteerism will be worth it. Not to mention, revenues will increase.

You can even take the next step to truly personalize and incorporate a member’s specific data into the communication, especially important in the smaller new member cohorts. Use their distinct merge fields (a.k.a. substitution variable fields in StarChapter) in a unique way with highly personal data variables to seem more personalized without going through each communication one by one.

Changing your communication strategy involves a great commitment on the part of your communication team, but in the long run it will be worth it. Your members will feel as though they are the value-center of the chapter. And that will make all the difference in their participation and the chapter’s success.

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