Summer Checklist to Prepare for Getting Back to the Board Basics

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Summer Checklist to Prepare for Getting Back to the Board Basics

Summer. A time known for fun in the sun and vacations. Many chapters find it an opportune time to take a break, recognizing that their member attendance will be low. Even if you do have a few meetings, a chapter’s board may simply meet less often.

While the chapter’s activities may be slowing down, it is a good time to ramp up your organizational efforts and prepare the board to manage the busy fall season.  We can’t help but think of the similarities of going back to school, so here are the ABCs of getting prepared for getting Back to the Board.

Here is a checklist to get back to the basics or board fundamentals for your board to accomplish over the summer:

  • Archive: Add records to the chapter file archives. Items to include: old newsletters; meeting minutes; downloads from meetings that are no longer relevant; and pending member records or applications that were never paid or completed.
  • Build: Organize your prospect list to build your chapter. Take the time to update your master list of interested potential members and former members. Verify against current member roster to ensure current members are not on the list.
  • Contact: Update master list of member and additional contacts information, ensuring all contact information is correct. This helps to prepare for strong communication strategy. We also recommend encouraging your members to update their own information to make this task much more manageable for your board.
  • Double Check: Review the chapter’s website. Make sure everything is current. Especially check all posted dates and deadlines. Double check pages for formatting issues as well as content, making sure all material is in line with your chapter’s mission and branding. Create a list of items that are missing or need updating for your board to tackle at the next meeting.
  • Email Marketing: Manage your email list, eliminating unverified and returned emails. This helps to increase the likelihood of communication being received by your members and additional contacts.
  • Form A Process: If your chapter doesn’t already have a board recruitment process, form one. Refer to board transition guidelines and seek input from all current and past board members that are open to new ideas.
  • Grow Your Chapter: First, ensure that your chapter is communicating the mission of your chapter. Next, ensure that prospective members are able to instantly relate to it and be engaged from the onset. Finally, ensure that it is easily found on the chapter website to attract prospective members and grow your chapter.  The overall goal is to demonstrate value to prospective members.
  • Help: Help create a sense of community by updating the calendar of events on the chapter website, making sure all aspects of importance to your members are listed. Highlight the biggest events. Showcasing a variety of chapter events, national events, and other local industry events that your audience will be interested in will help create this sense of community. 
  • Introspect: Review any feedback or survey form responses. Make note of changes your membership wants to see and start to brainstorm ways your board would be able to work towards implementing them.


Preparing for the fall doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task and summer is the perfect time to do it. In fact, by collaborating to tackle these important reviews, your board is working together to get the job done. Not only that, they are setting the tone for a great and successful fall.

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