Communicate Urgency for Membership

Communicate Urgency for Membership

Building membership remains the number one priority of any marketing tactic employed by your chapter, even if such strategies seemingly aim focus at a particular event. As a chapter, you want to grow your membership, and there are many ways to do this. But all ways employed do not necessarily convey the urgency of “Join Now.” Promoting an urgency, while still communicating the value of the membership, gives rise to the likelihood that those prospects convert into members.

Joining now means that membership provides the following possible benefits:

  1.        Exclusive access to content on the website.
  2.        Special discounts for non-chapter activities with affiliate organizations.
  3.        Member prices for conferences and events.
  4.        Early registration for conferences and activities.
  5.        Restricted member-only extras at conferences.
  6.        Discounted swag items.
  7.        Free swag item with membership sign up. (Its all about the swag...isn't it?)
  8.        Limited time renewal discounts only available to current members.
  9.        Opportunities for specialized training geared toward career advancement.
  10.        Possibilities to serve in leadership roles at varying levels.
  11.        Unique experiences only available to members for a limited time.
  12.        Connections with business leader mentors.
  13.        Network with other like-minded industry professionals.
  14.        Member only events, like high profile speaker engagements.
  15.        Gain experience not otherwise available.

The list could go own, depending on the creativity of your board.

Membership truly does have privileges. Some save money, some offer experiences – all offer value as unique as your members. Your chapter will thrive when you focus on the benefits membership offers as a whole and within the context of activities. 


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