Where's the New Guy

6 Roadblocks on the Path to Increasing Chapter Membership & How to Overcome Them

The path to membership can be hindered by roadblocks your chapter leadership is creating unintentionally or not. What if you had a plan in place to help ensure that guests to your meetings and prospective members have a positive experience with your chapter? Improving your relationship with the new guy can help increase your attendance, your membership, and ultimately, your revenues.

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Where's the New Guy?
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About StarChapter

StarChapter is a member-friendly association software company serving local chapters of professional and trade associations in the United States and Canada. StarChapter’s mission is to help local leaders grow their chapter’s attendance, membership, and revenue. The software combines event registration, membership management, email marketing, mobile friendly website layouts, eCommerce, and web services. Board members have access to StarChapter Advisors, online support, 24/7 ticket administrators, phone support, and ongoing board training webinars. StarChapter continually provides resources to help local leaders succeed with chapter management insights.