Event Registration


Event Registration

Use the event registration management software to manage the entire registration cycle in one place. Set up event information to display on the website, send email promotions, and set ticket prices. Simple yet professional looking registration forms that are integrated on your website make the entire process member friendly. You can also track registrations, no-shows, cancellations, revenues, member and guest counts, print badges, send invoices and receipts, and even communicate your virtual meeting dial in details.

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Event Management

Use our association event registration software to integrate the registration process within the website to increase member participation. When people don't have to be shuffled off to a 3rd party page to process payment for dues or event fees, they feel safer to complete the event registration process. Simple step-by-step check out forms collect the information needed, and registrants have a clear understanding of the process.

Name Badges & Labels

Creating name badges and labels for the next event doesn't have to be a headache. Print out name badges and labels with StarChapter in just seconds. Are you still exporting lists of names to be merged into a document for badges only to find out when you are done that 3 more need to be printed or that a long name doesn't fit? So frustrating! Not anymore with StarChapter you will use our PDF generator in our event registration tool to easily print badges that are formatted for common badge layouts.

Flexible Ticketing Options

Set up event tickets with simple member and non-member rates, the chapter's golf outing with foursomes and twosomes, or even the yearly banquet tickets to sell tables of 5 or 10. Create tickets with questions to select meal choices, desired speakers, or topics of interest to them for future events all through the setup of the event registration. Some chapters use this opportunity to also ask questions unrelated to their events: on guest tickets you can ask, "Are you interested in becoming a member?" or on member tickets you can ask, "Are you interested in volunteering?" StarChapter will save you even more time as you can save ticket structures as templates to be used for future events.

Auto-Archive Events

Your website will update itself without you having to lift a finger. StarChapter's event registration software will automatically move chapter's past events to archives and brings in the next meeting to promote and advertise on the website. Your website will always be updated and will never promote events that have come and gone. The archive is also a great marketing tool essentially giving you a portfolio of events to share with prospective members. 


Membership Management

Manage membership data with ease. Keep your member and non-member data up to date and accurate with the membership management software for chapters. You can track and send statements for receipts or fees owed for dues or past meetings. Offer member profiles that are flexible enough to accommodate your chapters needs with a lot of opportunity for numerous attributes and custom fields. And, you can even group or segment member and non-member records into member type, committee type, and more- all with the membership management system. 

Membership Management

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Membership Management Services

Accurate member and prospect data is critical for the success of your organization. StarChapter simplifies the way you manage, organize, update, and reconcile member and non-member records. With the membership management tools, your members can self-manage their records, update profile and contact information, and set privacy settings.

Group Members & Non-Members

Every organization has its own way of organizing member and non-member data. StarChapter has the flexibility to accommodate your membership management method to get a quick and seamless transition. Admins can organize members by membership types, business types, committee levels, as well as group non-members.

Import Data & Integration

Already have data records? Our membership management tools allow you to easily import data from current spreadsheets/databases and create custom fields. StarChapter also offers an automatic integration with several national associations. Any change to your parent/national records will automatically update your chapter’s records with StarChapter’s Membership Data Sync.

Charts & Reports

Stay ahead of the game and keep track of membership management services with easy and detailed reporting. StarChapter will meticulously collect your data and present it to you via StarChapter’s various reports and charts. Charts and reports will help you and the rest of the board save time and expenses for years to come.

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Email Marketing

Send out newsletters, event promotions, surveys, dues reminders or welcome new members in minutes. With everything in one place, you can even create targeted emails from the data you already have in the system. Enabling you to send the right message, to the right member, at the right time.

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Event Promotion & Follow Ups

Become a pro at event and meeting promotions and follow-up communication. Harness the membership software to send out promotions to members or non-members, target certain groups, and send follow up or thank you emails. The information is automatically gathered and formatted into professionally designed email templates.

Group Email Delivery Software

Target the group of recipients and send out all types of emails: newsletters, board of directors' announcements, meeting invites, welcome messages, and other communication. The group email delivery software simplifies your role in the organization by keeping all the information together while grouping members and non-members at the same time.

Auto Emails for Recurring Events

Automate the email delivery process and save time on communication with members and non-members. You can automate any email type, even meeting reminders to people who haven't registered for the event yet. This will reduce the time you spend and increase member participation.

Email Delivery Tracking

Stop guessing whether email addresses are valid or expired. Communication tracking is important to manage the organization. Our group email delivery software maximizes your email efforts by flagging out incorrect data and keeping your lists clean. Admins can also track open and bounce rates of all sent emails and review history by email address.

Survey Management Tool

Let your members and non-members share their views with StarChapter's survey management for chapters. You can follow up on meetings and events to gain feedback, understand concerns and interests, manage elections, and poll for opinions. You get full control on survey management tool such as setting the survey limits and privacy. Survey responses are easy to analyze with our detailed survey answer reports.


Website & Content Management

Master your new StarChapter website. Select options from our library of page sections to tailor the website to fit the chapter with everything your members need. Include different type of content management tools in your StarChapter website such as blogs, forums, forms, videos/photos and much more.

Website and Content Management

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Website Design

Get a professional look that fits your chapter with StarChapter's association chapters websites. Use one of StarChapter's design layouts and tailor the color schemes, images, page sections, and much more. Your website will be as unique as your members are.

Page Content Sections

Giving you access to our library of page content sections you will have options that have been developed with the needs of assocaition afflilates in mind. Page content sections give you the control to build out your pages that are unique to you from a visual, administrative, and membership perspective. Imagine how this will change your chapter. Empowering you with countless combinations of content and design for your assocaition website.

Content Drafts & Approvals

Enter new content into the Admin Area, to have other board members review it before it goes live. For smaller chapters, use a single-step approval process.

Navigation Manager

Reorganize your website for assocaition structure easily using the StarChapter Navigation Builder. You can add new pages and make adjustments to your site menus in real time. After creating a new page, simply add it to an existing list of links on your site or create a new category of pages.

Access & Restrictions

Freely designate what information is accessible or restricted to members while making changes anytime. Segment member-access into different groups and grant access to a particular section. For example, you can set up a committee and share information only with included members.

Dynamic Content & Layout Management

Dynamically managing the content of your website is easy with StarChapter's website membership management software, even if you're not a pro. The member friendly interface allows you to make simple edits of text, format, color, and size, just like in Microsoft Word. You can also add dynamic content such as Member Spotlight, sponsors, media and much more. Our easy-to-use editor gives you the ability to create professional looking pages on your website without all the hassle of learning programming languages.

Sponsors & Ad Management

Bring in sponsors and increase your chapter revenue. Managing sponsors and banner ads is effortless with StarChapter. Sponsors' ads are dynamically placed on your website and email communications. Multiple categories and levels, like platinum, gold, and silver can be easily set up to differentiate how and where sponsors are placed. You can save time by setting up expiration dates and ads will be automatically pulled off your site.

Website Domain

Keep your existing domain name and simply point it out to your new StarChapter website. If you don't have a domain name yet, we'll help you register for one or administer it for you for a small fee.

Document & Media Storage

Organize, share, and archive documents and media in a breeze. You have full control over files' privacy status, making them private or public as needed. Link meeting documents such as agenda or presentations to meeting records for easy access and retrieval. This helps keep members who missed the meeting in the loop.

Online Store

Generate even more chapter revenue by allowing your members and non-members to purchase promotional products directly on the website. You can set up different catalogs, or partner with an ad specialty company. An online store can be integrated into your chapter website allowing you full control on product quantity and detailed reports to track revenues from each product and member.


Newsletters are a huge part of chapter communication. You can customize the standardized StarChapter layouts to fit your needs and chapter's brand. This will allow you to focus on content creation instead of trying to figure out the format, archive the previous newsletter, or save the data for future use. You can email it instantly, or place it on the live site.


Add your meetings and event information only once through the Meeting Manager, and they will be added automatically to the calendar. The calendar is also integrated with social media accounts to further help save you time in promoting events and meetings.

Social Media

Let your members share the content on your chapter’s website in social media by adding social media buttons. You can also integrate a feed from your social media account to display information on your StarChapter website.

Blog & Forum

Follow membership engagement best practices by encouraging member participation with StarChapter's blog or forum functionality. Increase virtual engagement opportunities and allow chapter website visitors to carry on the conversations by posting comments and responses.

The Impact of Chapter Management Software eBook

The Impact of Chapter Management Software

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Hear from real chapter leaders, like yourself, that streamlined their chapter management using an affordable AMS. These chapters are saving time, better engaging members and prospects, generating more revenue and increasing their long-term success.

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Grow your chapter’s revenue by charging fees for virtual and in person events, selling sponsorships, or even promotional products to get your chapter's brand out in the industry community with tshirts, hats, or coffee mugs. StarChapter Pay gives you the ability to securely manage payment processing, fully integrated into your website with powerful functionality that makes managing your chapter that much easier. 

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Give your members a better way to pay with StarChapter Pay

StarChapter Pay allows you to seamlessly accept credit card payments online for meeting registrations, member dues, training materials, sponsors, products, and more from your website. We have developed StarChapter Pay to give you the software you have come to depend on integrated with the payment processing you need. We believe software and payments are better together. That's why we've launched StarChapter Pay to give you the options you have been looking for: integrated functionality, simplified payments reconciliation, single source support, and more.

Software + Payments Belong Together
By combining software and payments, we're able to provide a better experience for your association members with streamlined purchasing processes and for the board with improved payment management.

Simplified Payments Reconciliation
All your reports at your fingertips within StarChapter. Access everything you need right within your StarChapter Admin Area, no need to go to a payment service/gateway portal or your merchant account statements to cross-reference with StarChapter.

Pricing You Can Understand
Find the option that matches your chapter's needs with your membership size and frequency of transactions in mind. See our straightforward pricing below.

Single Source Support
No more guesswork on who to call or what to do next. Now you have software and payment support—in one place.

StarChapter Pay

You choose what works for your chapter. We have options to fit your chapter’s needs.

Option 1

2.95% + 25¢

Transaction Rate + Fee


Monthly Fee

Option 2

2.80% + 25¢

Transaction Rate + Fee


Monthly Fee

Option 3

2.65% + 25¢

Transaction Rate + Fee


Monthly Fee


Apply right from your StarChapter Admin Area today!

If you would like to keep your existing payment providers see our list of compatible services and gateways. Keep in mind that these options only process payment transactions and they will NOT have all of the functionality that StarChapter Pay will provide.


Board & Management

Let different users utilize the software based on their roles, tasks, and responsibilities. Whether you are a president or a treasurer, an AMC or a paid admin, you'll find the right tools and reports to make your job much easier and get lasting results. 

Board Management

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Presidents of local chapters ensure that things run smoothly throughout their term. The success measured at the end of their term is based on ensuring that budgets are set and met, membership increases, members see value in membership, and that meeting attendance and revenues increase. StarChapter is designed to help presidents achieve these goals and beyond with special tracking and reports.


Treasurers expect to put in a lot of time to fulfill their volunteer duties. Often this is accepted as a fact and there is no way to change it. But with StarChapter, treasurers benefit from years of experience and knowledge in various-sized membership associations. All of this knowledge has been collected and put to use in the design of StarChapter and what it can do.


Traditionally webmasters needed to know web languages such as HTML and CSS, but it is hard to find a pool of people with these skills in organizations. Using StarChapter, any board member can manage the website without having any previous technical knowledge. The site is self-managed by taking advantage of StarChapter's Services such as our self-help Knowledgebase and Ongoing Board Training webinars.

Membership Chair

Healthy chapters rely on organized and accurate membership data and contact information. If your membership chair is spending a lot of time keeping contact information up-to-date and accurate, importing and exporting the data from one spreadsheet to another, and having to manually keep track of who is expiring and when, there is a better way. With StarChapter, membership chairs spend less time doing these repetitive tasks and get better insights to share with the board.

Programs & Events Chair

Easily manage all of your event information from start to finish. Add in meeting details only once, and the website will be updated. You can auto-archive past events and allow online event registration, tracking, badges, invoices, receipts, reports and more. Your StarChapter website will become the repository for all your events, producing a long and rich historical archive to document the value of membership.

Education Chair

Keep track of attendance at events that offer continuous educational credits. Run reports and upload educational materials with member-only access. You will no longer have to wait for others to update the website, send out invitations, or access and archive the educational material of your organization.

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