Layout Options

M Series

With the M Series, you will not only be getting the latest in StarChapter modern layout designs, you will also have access to new and improved functionality including a mobile hamburger menu, mobile design editor, and an enhanced page content section library empowering you with a lot of options to tailor your layout for your chapter website. If you are a current customer and would like to upgrade to this series of layouts, enter a support ticket to get started.

  • M Series 01 Version A
  • M Series 01 Version B
  • M Series 01 Version B Interior
  • M Series 01 Version C
  • M Series 01 Version D
  • M Series 01 Mobile

M Series 01

Engaging members virtually is simple with a brand new, eye catching, modern design for your chapter website. This layout provides a logo area that supports both horizontal and vertical logos, a large navigation area for your main navigation links, and full width background areas that can highlight content sections. This layout has something to offer to everyone.

  • M Series 02 Version A
  • M Series 02 Version B
  • M Series 02 Version B Interior
  • M Series 02 Version C
  • M Series 02 Version D
  • M Series 02 Mobile

M Series 02

Build a chapter website that will impress your visitors with this side navigation, full width layout. The side navigation allows for an infinite amount of navigation menu links, the side column supports both light and dark backgrounds to coordinate with your logo, and the full width allows for larger images and provides more width for engaging members virtually.

  • M Series 03 Version A
  • M Series 03 Version B
  • M Series 03 Version B Interior
  • M Series 03 Version C
  • M Series 03 Version D
  • M Series 03 Mobile

M Series 03

Attract your viewers with a chapter website that is sleek, modern, and clean. This layout is the perfect choice if you are going for a minimalist aesthetic with a centered logo or an extra-large horizontal logo. This layout provides maximum space for your main navigation links as well as full width background areas that can highlight content sections.

  • M Series 04 Version A
  • M Series 04 Version B
  • M Series 04 Version B Interior
  • M Series 04 Version C
  • M Series 04 Version D
  • M Series 04 Mobile

M Series 04

Grab your audience with this full screen hero image design. If you are looking for a chapter website that catches your viewers eye by providing a full screen banner image, a left justified logo, and main menu links to the right, this layout is for you. Scrolling down the page, past the image, will take viewers to your content.

  • M Series 05 Version A
  • M Series 05 Version B
  • M Series 05 Version B Interior
  • M Series 05 Version C
  • M Series 05 Version D
  • M Series 05 Mobile

M Series 05

Providing viewers with a first look at your menu links will navigate them with ease through your chapter website. This design provides maximum space for your main menu links as they appear above your logo. This layout provides another option to give you a clean and minimalist look with the centered or extra-large horizontal logo.


Does your association have an approved layout?

Let your StarChapter Project Manager know during the project setup. Several associations use specific StarChapter layouts for their local chapters' websites, keeping a consistent member experience throughout their online presence.


StarChapter has partnered with various associations to offer a pre-approved website layout to all of their chapters to use for brand consistency. We work with the association and their current brand guidelines to develop layout options tailored to that association. See how associations have achieved success by offering this to their chapters.