StarChapter of May: IABC Houston

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a global network of communication professionals committed to improving organizational effectiveness through strategy communication. The IABC Houston chapter is the fourth largest in the world. We spoke with Jordan Temple, the current president of IABC Houston, to see how they are continually improving their members’ professional abilities, progressing their careers, sharing information and resources, uniting as a community, setting standards for excellence, building credibility in the business world, and (best of all) having fun.


1. What was IABC Houston’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?

IABC Houston engages members in a number of ways from invitations to volunteer to continue their professional development. This year we've focused on quality programming that drives business communications throughout many different industries and companies.  We hold monthly luncheons with engaging speakers who cover trending topics in communication, from crisis communication with the Red Cross and the Centre for Disease Control to audience demographics with the Edelman Trust Barometer team.


2. Tell us about a successful event/meeting you organized last year.

Each year we host an awards program called the Bronze Quill Awards. Bronze Quill is the premier awards program for Houston area communicators. The works submitted represent the best Houston communicators have to offer.  The Bronze Quill Awards Gala is our largest event of the year.  We selected Jim “Mattress Mac” McIngvale, a local Houston celebrity as our Executive Communicator of the Year and keynote speaker.  The program was led by KHOU Houston news anchor, Greg Hurst.  The award winners are honored with the bronze (city level) award at this ceremony and many go on to receive a silver (regional) and gold (international).


3. The IABC Houston network is extensive. Does the board get ideas on how to improve membership value from other chapters?

Delivering value for our members is at the core of all that the board does. Other chapters and organizations are one area to gain ideas from; we also try to utilize surveys and industry trends to help ensure our members are getting the most of their memberships. At the end of the day we try to ensure that all business communicators continue to drive results.


4. Do you have any tips/advice to share with other board volunteers?

It is easy to get side tracked and try to do too much. Stay true to your organization’s mission, vision and values.


5. What is in store for your members this year?

The board is adopting the mindset, “bigger is not better, better is better.” With this comes more responsibility to our members (and our member’s companies) and ensuring they are getting the best possible professional development in their respective fields of business communications.


6. How have you been able to utilize StarChapter to run IABC Houston and reach its goals?

IABC Houston is a group of communicators and StarChapter helps make the challenging tasks of communicating, surveying, tracking and interacting with members and potential members easy. They are truly a one stop shop for all the back end website efforts needed to run a nonprofit organization.


IABC Houston

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