StarChapter of January: CMSA Central Arizona

CMSA Central Arizona serves its members through educational forums, networking opportunities and grassroots involvement. The Arizona Chapter of the CMSA is one of 75 local chapters with over 300 members. Nationally, there are 11,000 individual members.  CMSA offers leadership programs, educational forums and a variety of tools and resources enabling case management professionals to achieve positive results for their patients’ healthcare needs at the individual level. Case management professionals help their patients recover more quickly and help to reduce the costs often effecting the nation’s health care system.   CMSA’s success and strength is its structure as a member-driven society.  We were able to connect with Kathy Singleton, Member at Large for CMSA Central Arizona.  

  1. What was CMSA Arizona’s strategy for engaging new members in the past year?

Annually in January, the CMSA Board members meet for an all-day Leadership Retreat.  This retreat provides a transition of Board Members and establish the strategies for our Committees, Programs, and Annual Conference.  Membership is a key discussion topic with retro review of the previous year's feedback from dinner meetings and the conference.  Our attendees, both CMSA members and non-members, shared a need to have dinner meetings in a consistent centralized location and with lesser frequency but additional CEU hours.  As such, we have a 2.0 CEU every other month with a variety of current trending topics.  We have utilized BOGO efforts, promoted student attendance, and increasing engagement with our post-acute providers.   

Another successful key strategy is our Membership Committee Chair Kerry Halcomb.  Kerry is the owner of a well-connected Home Health Agency and a long-standing Board Member.  He engages with a multitude of acute hospital, long-term, acute rehabilitation, managed care/healthplan, workmans' compensation, and post-acute providers on a daily basis and is able to help guide prospective members towards continuing educational opportunities with CMSA AZ Chapter as well as connection points for scenarios in which our Chapter Members can support professions throughout our State.  Another key strategy to actively engage meeting attendees it to sit with them at the dinner tables better understanding his/her needs.  Additionally, our email notices of upcoming events, meeting reminders, and future events are sent out to 500+ members and non-members as a means to retain current members and potentially "snag" new members and social medial of Facebook keeps us connected in real-time!

  1. Tell us about a successful event/meeting you organized last year.

Undoubtedly, our Annual Conference was a winner!  CMSA AZ Chapter always choses a theme and 2018 was "The Magic of Case Management" with focus on the positive attributes of case management, featured expertise speaker of Kathy Fraser, and preparing for further transformational change.  The topics draw a wide-array of case management professionals and the post-acute providers (aka "vendors") have opportunities to engage personally with attendees.  Our Chapter awarded 5 New Member/Renewals in a drawing, always an exciting gift!  We had 176 attendees, and 84 Exhibitors.   

  1. The CMSA Arizona network is extensive. Does the board get ideas on how to improve membership value from other chapters?

Absolutely!  Board Members review other Chapters' websites for content, lay-out, and functionality.  Additionally, the StarChapter's webinars provide a collection from Chapters related to their challenges and successes thus providing us with opportunities to learn and improve.  CMSA's National Team members also provide guidance and brain-storming discussions.

  1. Do you have any tips/advice to share with other board volunteers?

Fun!  Communication!  Board Member variety!  Volunteer Organizations can be draining but the comradery and collaboration among the CMSA AZ Chapter Board Members is fun!  We take our responsibilities seriously to ensure our members and non-members are successful and we hold each other accountable to meet established action items.  If a team member becomes a bit overwhelmed, the others are supportive to ensure our objectives are met and rally around the Board Member.  Our Board meetings are structured with an agenda, objectives, and action items.  Each Member at Large is also responsible to be a Committee Chair for Membership, Website, Programs, etc. which spreads the responsibilities among multiple team members and our Board encompasses a variety of professionals including nurses, social workers, therapists, and Associate Members in varied healthcare arenas.

  1. What is in store for your members this year?

Exciting Programs focused on social determinants and healthcare transformation.  We are discussing an event…a "Fun Day" that pulls individuals into an outing, yet to be determined.  Improving our website content to include Board Member job descriptions and By-Laws, the "Why CMSA" video, a Public Policy Page, links to National CMSA, and a CMSA AZ Resource/Reference Page are also on our 2019 agenda.

  1. How have you been able to utilize StarChapter to run CMSA Arizona and reach its goals?

StarChapter has been incredibly beneficial to our Chapter, especially related to our website.  We are still in the infancy stages and have already outlined the improvements we want to incorporate including the Welcome Letters, Renewal/Expiring Member Letters, email notifications, web pages, blogs, and reporting functionality, e.g. Membership, bounced emails.  

The 12 CMSA AZ Chapter Board Members are excited to begin 2019 with our Leadership Retreat on January 12th and will be keeping our Members and prospective NEW members updated!

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