Is your Admin Moving your Chapter Forward?

Is your admin moving your chapter forward

Everyone on your board is busy. Really busy.  So, to alleviate some of the stress that comes with holding board positions and fulltime jobs, you hired a paid administrator.

Regardless of what you call the person in this role – chapter executive, executive director, administrative assistant, etc. – you brought on an admin to support your board and oversee a range of administrative tasks, from the simple to the complex, like:

  • maintaining your website
  • sending out emails
  • managing membership
  • overseeing your sponsorship program


An effective admin takes on those administrative functions that drive your chapter efficiency and growth, freeing up your board to focus on their core task:  ensuring your chapter meets its mission and continues being relevant to members and the industry you support.

But when you begin to see that your membership isn’t growing, your meeting numbers are stagnating, and sponsors are dropping out, it’s time for a deeper dive, to see how your admin is doing. Is he or she overwhelmed with all they’re being asked to accomplish? Or do they have plenty of time and are content continuing with the status quo instead of innovating and driving growth?

What you learn doesn’t necessarily mean you need to let them go; you may need to hire an assistant for them, or find volunteers to step in. Or, it’s possible that providing the tools to make their job easier, transparent, and more effective might be all you need.

How many different systems – free and paid – does your admin use to manage your chapter? How many does your board use? Are they the same or different? How many different platforms do your members and guests interact with? Your admin most likely has ultimate oversight for all of them.

Overseeing and using multiple systems – your website, fundraising, communications, marketing, ecommerce, etc. – can be draining, exhausting, and time-consuming, all of which can make it difficult to accomplish what’s necessary to take the chapter to the next level.

An Association Management System, or AMS, could be the tool that they need. An AMS allows your admin to consolidate the number of systems they use and the number of tasks they complete for projects, as they can more easily and more quickly gather, store, and retrieve information. At the same time, you’ll see an increase in transparency throughout the chapter, as your board and where appropriate, members, prospects, and sponsors can access and utilize parts or all of the same system for things like:

  • Communications, from your website to marketing and communications
  • Membership, including new member applications, renewals, and reengagement of former members
  • Events, including registrations, payment, and administration
  • Board management
  • Sponsorship


Consolidating the work your admin must complete and track can put more time back in their day, ultimately reinvigorate the admin, giving them the tools they need to innovate and extend your chapter reach. You’ll begin to see increased revenue and growth, without having to hire a new admin or give all the tasks back to your already overworked board.

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