Advanced SEO – The 80/20 Rule for Success

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Advanced SEO – The 80/20 Rule for Success

We have examined five basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and begun to dig deeper into more advanced techniques focusing on the role of language in your SEO strategies. Now, we turn to the 80/20 rule and its role in building your content for optimal search placement.

This rule connects directly to the use of keywords but goes much deeper. Let’s start there. Keywords are essential. Too many, however, can detract from your content, often making your content read as if it is forced, which is not something you want. Natural flow that engages your audience in a real connection will ensure that your chapter’s content is not only found but is read.

It goes deeper than this, especially if your content is meant to drive sales. You don’t want the material offered up to your audience to sound as though you are trying to sell something, even if that is exactly what you are doing. Whether it is an idea, knowledge, or a literal product, your content should not come right out and say you want the audience to buy into that. All content should be topic focused.

This is where the 80/20 rule comes in. The principal is simple, no more than 20% of your content should bring up your company, or chapter, the product in question, or even your keywords. And even then, when incorporated into the material, that 20% should read naturally, flowing as if it is meant to be right where it is.

The other 80% should be the story you are trying to convey or the lesson you want the reader to walk away with. This part of the material should be natural as well, flowing with appropriate detail to provide the necessary depth that is the true point of the article. It should build trust with your readers, inspiring them to know more about your chapter and maybe even become a member, if not one already. The main point of the content should be reputation and knowledge, with a side reward of possible lead generation, building interest without selling interest.

Balancing the content helps to also get placement in the search results for your prospective members that didn’t even know they needed to find and join your chapter. By adhering to this content breakdown, you take advantage of the exciting opportunity to naturally drive traffic to your site with improved SEO friendly content.

We will continue our advanced SEO series with exploring title development and the use of meta-data in the creation of your content in an upcoming post.

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