Advanced SEO – Language Advantages for 2018

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Advanced SEO

Last month we examined five basics of Search Engine Optimization. Once you have mastered these basics, it is important to step into the next level with a focus on language.

How you say something is more than just the aesthetics of how it sounds and what the words actually are. Everyone knows that often there are many ways to say something, not just one. While there are better ways than others, grounded in solid grammatical understanding, the voice and personality of your chapter should shine in all the content you produce.

Historically speaking, as social media, blogging, and website visibility came into existence they relied on simple keyword inclusion to enhance search engine functionality. If you wanted your content found as potential readers conducted a search, then you included single word keywords ideally with a 2% to 10% keyword density. Keyword density is the percentage your keyword appears in the copy of your website, both the copy seen by a reader and the copy seen only by the creators and the search engine (called meta-data, which will be addressed in a future article). Basically, you should have no more than 10 keywords for every 100 words of writing. Even though some try to stuff that article with 25% or more. This isn’t a good practice, and you really should try to stay under 5% keyword density – and it should not sound forced.

Bringing up your keyword too much can cause a negative saturation within your content which can cause a search engine to eliminate you from a search. This practice of keyword stuffing, while used early on in the development of search engine stuffing, is seen as highly unethical, especially when primarily placed in the meta-data to attract searches to a topic not actually related to the keyword(s).

As technology has expanded, so has they types of keywords that can be used. No longer are single keywords the only way to have successful placement in a search based on your chosen keywords. Now the trend is to produce content in natural language with long tale keywords based in speaking rather than writing focus. Tailoring your writing in this fashion is essential as voice search options trend, gaining in popularity with technology like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home, etc.

Of equal importance to having a natural language is engaging your audience in a voice and tone that fits them. That is, know your audience. If you are writing for an audience that knows little about the technology of Search Engine Optimization, for instance, you should not use technical jargon that only the folks in the IT department might understand. Instead, employ a conversational tone that aims to engage and enlighten, while providing the necessary knowledge.

Check back next month when we explore the 80/20 rule in writing your content. 

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