Time After Time: Attracting the Millennial Generation

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Millennial Generation

Time changes everything. Including your members. When and where a person lives shapes their interests and goals. Clearly, differences exist between the generations from which people come. This impacts your chapter and its growth.

Those from the Millennial generation continue to prove especially difficult to reach for a lot of chapters of professional and trade organizations. Without finding a way to attract this group of people, chapters will ultimately hit a standstill in their membership growth.  Here are 5 ways to take your chapter to the next level by attracting the Millennial generation:

1. Stop the routine.   Too often we hear from chapter leaders that they continue to hold the same events, at the same time because that’s what they’ve always done. Well, we are here to tell you that you have stop the routine if you want to grow. Establish programing that creates an experience for your members. The topic and the format need to speak to your unique member make up to give your members an exciting event opportunity. Sometimes it may be difficult to know what that might be exactly.  The board could brainstorm a few concepts and then ask your members in a survey, so you know what they want to see.

2. Change meeting time and location between meetings. While consistency is something that provides stability, it can also lead activities to become stale. Yes, keep some standards so members always have a go to event, but also create meetings with times and locations that work for the targeted audience creating exciting opportunities that may not be expected. These unexpected, unique opportunities create an experience economy that will take your chapter growth to the next level of success.

3. Create greater online participation points. This goes beyond simply having content online. Rather, create live webinar trainings and set up forums online. Provide openings for members to virtually connect with other members within your chapter. Be sure to utilize social media in this process, as Millennials are highly active on social media. Just be sure it is the right social media for your chapter.

4. Take advantage of what the city has to offer. For instance, if your chapter is in Chicago, where LinkedIn has its headquarters, reach out to those unique connections. As a generation hyper-connected to social media, joining with social media leaders will provide Millennials with an exciting opportunity to expand their network. Not every location has a huge brand headquarters but take advantage of what your area has to offer.  

5. Step outside the box. No matter the industry, there are a lot of fundamental universal skills that every member needs within their jobs, including communication and leadership. Create evening events that call upon members to experience something unique while learning those fundamental skills at the same time. One of the more creative ideas we’ve seen was a comedy club public speaking class. It’s a real thing.

Whatever you plan, your activities and events are about connecting your members and growing your membership. Everything should directly associate with the value your chapter promises to its members. After all, the whole point of your work is to improve your members lives by helping them improve their careers.

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