Chapter Leadership Succession for the Win

Updated: Oct. 12, 2018  |  Categories: Board Productivity  

Chapter Leadership Succession for the Win

Board members work hard, but they cannot stay around forever. Eventually, they move on to their next professional endeavor, taking with them the valuable lessons they learned as a board member. They leave the chapter in the hands of a new team.

These times of transition can present uncertainty as you welcome new board members. Navigating this process takes attention from both the outgoing and the incoming boards, beginning long before the transition actually occurs. This helps eliminate continuity issues, while sustaining the forward momentum of your chapter’s journey.

The needs of your chapter require a smooth leadership succession plan. This is essential to achieve established goals. Here are 3 things to consider as you facilitate your plan:

1. Know your new board. Each member’s history, professional and chapter related will help shape the board. Survey the group to find out what positions they have held and for how long.  A person who holds one position for more than five years impacts succession. It can be difficult for a new board member taking over to learn the duties to the same capacity as the long-time board member.

3. Train board members for their roles. There should be a standard board training program including a set of best practices to help keep goals in focus and the progression uninterrupted.

3. Guide board members in the software and processes. Any software and processes should be simple and intuitive enough for a new board member to handle without having any special expertise. Ensure they are given necessary knowledge to access the information they need.

Facilitating your chapter’s transition into a new era doesn’t have to reside in a place of uncertainty. Be diligent in the application of these considerations. Involve the board in their own learning process. This will ensure success both for your chapter’s leadership but also your chapter’s mission.

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