Rethink your Chapter’s Social Media Strategy

Everybody uses Facebook. Everybody uses Twitter. Everybody uses LinkedIn. But not everyone remembers to go outside the box and stay on top of emerging trends.  Don’t just do the “best thing” rather expand beyond, especially to reach those younger future members.

Consider the needs of your members as you create your multi-faceted social media strategy. If uncertain of what would best serve them, ask through a survey. Determine based on the results the most effective channel for your chapter’s members. Selecting the optimal social media channel for your membership provides the optimal method through which you share your content with your members and prospects.

Let’s look at these 7 options for social media strategy success:

1. Traditional channels remain essential, whether or not you employ the use of other channels. So, share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as needed.

2. Reach the younger audiences through the use of Snapchat and Instagram. Both apps rely on images  including the ever so popular selfie, which remains a big trend with the newest crop of professionals. Neither of these apps can be used on a computer – they are utilized on a cell phone or tablet only, truly meant for life on the go.

3. Posts (snaps) on Snapchat are temporary. For it to be more beneficial to the chapter, snaps that are shared should be meaningful images that highlights the value of chapter activities and chapter members.

4. On Snapchat, create location based filters (a.k.a. geofilters). These are great for conferences where you buy a block for sharing your filter and only people in that virtual “space” can see the filter you create as an option.   Design with your membership in mind; something industry related with a bit of whimsy. Prices vary by locale, and its corresponding demand.

5. Instagram allows for use of images that have a long-term staying power. This can remain a go-to place for the visual identity of your chapter and its members. Visuals are especially powerful in the modern landscape.  With the somewhat recent addition of stories to Instagram you can also take advantage of the emerging trend of the temporariness of social media.  These stories are in your feed for 24 hours and then disappear much like Snapchat.  Stories five your chapter the power to share behind the scenes giving your members access to exclusive event prep festivities. 

6. YouTube remains the center for video sharing. Create your own YouTube channel and share videos of meetings, speakers, or whatever will benefit your chapter.   1/3 of online activity is spent watching videos. 

7. Google+ is a channel few think of, but it is commonly used by business professionals to share information. It can be a great place to reach potential mentors. It will also help greatly with SEO.

No matter the channel you employ, your content remains essential to communicate your chapter’s value. Provide exciting material that informs and entertains your audience and your social media strategy will succeed.

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  1. Cynthia

    Aug. 10, 2018

    #7. ...It will also help greatly with SEO. What is SEO?

    1. StarChapter

      Aug. 13, 2018

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially means the process of maximizing the traffic to your website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. We have a few resources that will help understanding what tactics your chapter could utilize to improve your SEO, I would start here. https://www.starchapter.com/blog/SEO_Basics



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