5 Goals for Using the Chapter Newsletter to Increase Member Value

Updated: Oct. 12, 2018  |  Categories: Member Communications, Membership  

The world moves fast and so does communication. Technology plays a huge role in this. Numerous ways to share content exist, from social media to your chapter’s website to the old school newsletter. In this modern era, often this last option gets the boot in favor of the newest trends. But this choice is ill-advised.

From a business perspective, the newsletter has at its core a goal to drive company sales through the building of relationships. For an association chapter, relationships remain at the core, but the goals do shift dramatically. Utilizing classic email marketing strategies, specifically the Chapter Newsletter, in addition to other communication tools, remains a critical endeavor to reach your membership.

Here are 5 goals of the Chapter Newsletter:

  1. Increase membership. At the heart of any campaign rests an underlying purpose of increasing and maintaining the membership of your chapter. Through an email newsletter you can inform and provide a trusting relationship that keeps people coming back and referring your chapter to others.
  2. Invite attendance. Through stories that highlight activities’ benefits and value, your members and prospects will be driven to attend your events. Being present remains a key ingredient to success for both your chapter and its members.
  3. Inspire engagement. Members want to feel like they belong. Your email newsletter can highlight members in such a way that they know they endure as the central purpose behind all chapter activities. They will want to be a part of the next event simply because they feel important – they are important.
  4. Incite leadership. Provide your members with opportunities to step into leadership roles, whether on the board or not. Every leadership role exists as essential to the functionality of your chapter. Your email newsletter can provide members with this connection to the chapter that they may not have understood otherwise.
  5. Invigorate careers. It is no secret that a main purpose for joining the chapter of an association is for the advancement of one’s occupation, no matter the field. In addition to providing chapter related material to guide the chapter’s activities and member participation, your email newsletter should also have an industry-related section that educates and informs your members in a manner that provides enhancement to their career. Offer opportunities that help them advance on the job and they will have trust enough in the chapter to refer your chapter to their colleagues for the same type of career infusion.

This process doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, StarChapter offers easy to use templates and guidance to put your content into the hands of your members and prospects through an email newsletter. Old school isn’t obsolete, rather it remains a comfortable and proven method to connect with your members and prospects. 


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