How one simple solution can prevent one real complex problem for local chapters

Updated: Oct. 12, 2018  |  Categories: Member Communications  

How One Simple Solution can Prevent One Real Complex Problem for Local Chapters Image

Nearly everyone these days uses email. Surely, most of your members do, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to receive your newsletter or important announcements about your chapter. At some point, you have collected this important piece of data from your members, as well as non-members who might have joined your mailing list. Maintaining this list using good solid practices email list hygiene is essential to keep your members happy and without spam clogging up their inboxes.

That is the focus here, avoiding spam caused by spam-bots infiltrating your email list. Spam-bots are electronic programs that scour the Internet for email addresses to include in lists for spammers – the people that send out spam and phishing emails to create havoc or unethically get their hands on your money. They also subscribe to list serves so that they can find a way in to collect other people’s emails, piggybacking off your chapter’s own emails, thus making it appear that you are sending the spam.

When someone receives the spam, they can report it, which can have a detrimental impact on list serve hosts. Too many reports of spam can result in loss of email sending privileges, blocked websites in a google search, or even a loss in membership because they think you are sending them spam. None of this are desired outcomes, and are best avoided by preventing spam-bots from doing their job.

A key to identifying if a spam-bot has infiltrated your list is knowing your list. If suddenly you have a spike in subscribers to your list, especially without a campaign to enhance said subscription numbers, then chances are you have a whole list of auto-populated fake people created by a spam-bot intent on doing damage to your chapter and your subscribers. Get rid of those emails right away after confirming that they are a bad email.

Before you even get to this stage of having to check emails, you can implement the prevention strategy of email verification, which may just be the most important tool to escape spam-bot infiltration. It is a very simple process that can happen automatically but safeguards against those fake email addresses making it onto your list. Once a person subscribes and submits their email, granting permission to your chapter to send them email, then you ask for verification to ensure that a real person exists behind said email address.

Happy list subscribers don’t report your list for sending spam. And this helps your chapter lead to success in both content creation and communication.

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