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Your board leadership is made up of volunteers that have committed to putting in the necessary time and energy into successfully meeting your chapter’s management goals. But, they cannot do everything on their own and expect to be industry leaders as well.

As a community of like-minded industry professionals, your members share in the value of the chapter and should also share in the execution of activities. Whether it is serving on the membership committee or helping to plan a national conference, members should be expected to get actively involved. Mind you, this doesn’t have to be a requirement, but they should want to volunteer some time occasionally to keep your chapter on its trajectory of growth.

Here are 6 MUSTs to entice members to volunteer:

  1. No one volunteer can do it all, so provide lots of opportunities for jobs requiring various levels of commitment and skill.
  2. Reach out to members to volunteer – don’t assume they will come to you.
  3. Don’t make volunteers do all the grunt work, as they will just get burnt out and bored and you may even lose a chapter member in the process.
  4. Make the experience of volunteering meaningful and memorable so that they always want to come back and help.
  5. Recognize that volunteers have lives outside of your chapter and that they may not stay a volunteer. Appreciate them in the moment, not for what they can do later.
  6. Praise volunteers – this cannot be stressed enough.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. #volunteerlove

Non-board member volunteers are part of your membership. They are necessary to the success of your chapter. Without them, the board would be overwhelmed doing all the work themselves. This isn’t possible and your chapter would lose its momentum. Find ways to motivate and work as a team for the good of everyone. 

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