5 Easy Steps to Make Members out of Guests

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5 Steps to Membership

The progression from guest to member is a pressing goal for every chapter, along with member renewals, of course. Obviously, growing membership is essential for the survival of the chapter. The benefits offered remains dependent on having members to fulfill it for other members.

There are no sure-fire answers to the quest for membership, but these 5 easy steps will welcome your prospective member guests as part of the community, ultimately leading to membership.

1. If you know a guest plans to attend and event, have a board member or your membership chair call them with a reminder and offer to answer any questions.

2. Welcome guests at the meeting. Assign an ambassador to show them around, answer questions, and make introductions. This ambassador’s primary mission during the meeting is to provide service to the prospective member.

3. Follow the meeting with a personalized email that invites them to the next meeting or schedule a time to discuss details regarding membership.

4. Invite your guests to complete a survey about their potential goals for membership. This can be a great way to gather data about their interests, career, and thoughts about joining your chapter. 

5. Before the next meeting, follow up with a reminder call to confirm attendance. Utilize data collected in the survey or at previous contact points to drive the discussion toward their membership conversion. Possibly, if need be to encourage attendance, offer a special discount on their first year of membership.

Communication with prospective members remains the underlying key ingredient to successful conversion. But be sure not to appear pushy or harass a member to the point that they lose interest. Simple honest conversation that is focused on the prospect’s needs and goals endures as a positive outlook aimed at member engagement.



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