How to Use Your Calendar to Add Value for Your Members

Updated: Oct. 12, 2018  |  Categories: Member Communications, Meetings/Events  

How to Use Your Calendar to Add Value for Your Members 

Have you ever gone to an organizations website and couldn’t figure out when their events were taking place? Not knowing when, and where, an event is happening will leave your members frustrated and your event attendance low. No one wants this.

Providing your calendar with your chapter’s events is essential to the success of your chapter. But the more robust your calendar is the better engaged your members are both with your chapter and the community. While providing a mix of events will take a bit more time on the part of your calendar’s curator, it will offer a variety of activities that will enrich your members and the chapter.

As you create a calendar, organize it by category for the ease of those searching for events. Different categories can include Chapter Events, National Events, Industry Events, Community Events, or any other category your chapter feels is important to share with its members.

You should enlist a volunteer whose main role is the calendar’s curator. They could take it a step further and go beyond curation and actually ask for your members to submit events to be included. Their volunteer role would then involve managing the events sent to them by members and industry leaders, as well as the board for your chapter.

Building a robust solution to curate the most important events to your members provides immense value. The calendar is a great way to strengthen the community. More than that, it ties your chapter to the community, as each entry should have a link that takes them to the various websites for registration. This crosslinking builds partnership.

Here is a list of possible events to include to inspire you to get started:

  •          Chapter Meetings
  •          Chapter Trainings
  •          Regional Conferences
  •          National Trainings
  •          National Conferences
  •          Member Company Events
  •          Sponsor Events
  •          Industry Continuing Education
  •          Webinars
  •          Volunteer Opportunities
  •          Community Events

The calendar may just be the value that your members didn’t know they were looking for. After all, it is the centralized space meant to not only keep members informed but also engage them in upcoming events. Creating an enriched chapter of highly involved members is how attendance at events increases and your membership grows.

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