Momentous Meetings to Kickstart Your Chapter

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Momentous Meetings

Content drives interest and keeps members coming back for the value that your chapter has to offer. Providing top-notch and relevant presentations reminds your members that they remain your focus.

The central aspect of a topic can be used in any industry, but should be tailored for your field specifically. Plan out your entire year, interconnecting topics and scheduling leaders of industry that will entice your members out. Announce and publicize the schedule early and often.

Here are 12 ideas to ground your year, which can be repeated with different concentrations each year:

1. Discuss hiring trends within the industry. Having a job is important to everyone, so presenting on what the new trends will attract both the younger and older generations, especially those on the hunt for new employment.

2. Shifts happen in the work force of every industry. Examine how these shifts impact your members. Take a deep dive to examine the average length of time at a particular job. Employ a discussion format to find out why people are not staying in positions with one company for their entire career.

3. Examine the generational differences that always creep into the job. Compare Millennials to Generation Xers. Discuss how the Baby Boomers see the world now that they are nearing retirement.

4. Cultural differences arise in every company no matter where people are from. Presentations that highlight different aspects of different cultures can help eliminate stereotyping, awkwardness, and even discrimination for success in life, on the job, and in your chapter.

5. They say never talk about religion or politics, but these topics can make for exciting topics, especially if they have an impact on how your industry gets its work done. If the political landscape has a direct impact on your field, then this is a definite must for a topic.

6. Networking remains a serious topic that you could probably cover more than once. Honestly, you should provide networking opportunities at every meeting, but provide training in successful networking at least once a year. Include aspects such as how to start a conversation, how to end a conversation, and the ever-important hand shake.

7. Personal identity versus corporate identity. Examine how they are aligned and when they shouldn’t be. Sometimes it is difficult for an employee to be themselves in a corporate environment, this presentation can delve into how to maintain the balance.

8. Stress-free work life balance. Provide fun ways to escape the grind of the working world. Whether you present on ways to find balance outside of work or you actually provide a fun activity, this could easily be repeated more than once in a year.

9. Providing service to society is one way your chapter can connect to your community. If your chapter has a foundation or a charity they regularly work with, presenting on your impact of service can be essential to showing that the benefit of your chapter goes beyond the meeting room and those present at the meeting.

10. Building membership. While you should talk about building membership briefly at every meeting, a focused session on how to build membership through your members own networks can inspire members to sponsor a guest and can increase your membership.

11. Fundraising is important to the success of your chapter. You need money to pay for activities and marketing.

12. The experiences of your members can be a topic you can come back to a few times a year. Tie this presentation back to community connectiveness or to your members personal or professional stories.

Bonus: Don’t forget open house sessions that are aimed at talking about what your chapter does and what value it provides its members. Be prepared to answer any questions prospects, or members, might have.

How your presentation looks will depend greatly on your audience and what they need from meetings. Use this list as a starting point and then hone in on a specific subpoint based on feedback from your members. Combine them, keep them separate, the possibilities for engaging content is endless.

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