Quality Content is Essential for Chapter Value

A key purpose of your chapter involves providing industry knowledge to your members. While members can be a valuable source for this information, attracting high level industry experts is the goal. These experts have gained indispensable experience within the field and can help members at varying levels of their career.

Whether your industry expert contributors do so in print or through presentation, they offer value to your membership – the very value members expect to receive when joining your chapter. Chapter leadership should make it simple for contributors to submit material for inclusion in events or publications.

Here are 5 steps to simplify the process:

  1.       Actively seek contributions.

Generally speaking, if people do not know you need content, you won’t get submissions. Your chapter should regularly reach out to industry experts for possible submission. Quarterly campaigning for contributions will increase the options for content to include. At the very least, a request for material should be clearly posted on websites and in printed material.

  1.       Show value to the contributor as well as to members.

While it is true that the content is meant to offer your membership value, it also should offer some value to the contributor. For instance, it adds to their list of qualifications. This is especially true when the experts can see their name in a bi-line. Newer industry experts will find this highly attractive, as it will build up their publication list. Even seasoned industry experts will be engaged as the participation will continue to enhance their professional brand.

  1.       Provide clear guidelines for submission.

In your call for proposal or on your website, state clearly what you are seeking both in terms of actual topic and in format for the content. Include details about length, format, style (speech, article, etc.), and topics. Be sure to include how to contribute and the actual date of final submission. You shouldn’t provide expectations on how someone should write, but rather encourage individuality in presentation. This is especially true for high level industry experts who have earned the privilege to share their knowledge in the way they deem most beneficial for those in the industry, your members.

  1.       Communicate with contributors.

From the call for proposals to the acceptance or non-acceptance of the submission, the communication process with your contributors is in full force. Successful communication ensures that potential contributors feel valued, whether their work is selected for inclusion in either the publication or the conference. It is especially important not to treat high level industry experts with anything less than the respect they have earned through a career well worked. At every stage of the process, information should be shared along an open line of communication.

  1.       Final presentation of content should be professional.

You should maintain a track record of content that is professionally developed and solid representation of high quality. For high level industry experts this becomes especially important, as they don’t want their name, their brand, attached to something that may impact their reputation negatively. By showing that you place a high value in producing excellence, then you will have excellent content submitted by contributors of all levels.

Inclusion of content from industry experts provides value to your members in the form of well-learned knowledge from a reputable source. At the same time, the industry is strengthened by the building up of community relationships and training of entry level industry members. Isn’t that the point of having a chapter – to provide value to all stakeholders?

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  1. Sefton Oxford

    Jul. 10, 2018

    Very good content.



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