5 Steps to Combat Survey Fatigue

We are advocates for getting feedback from your members frequently, but how much is too much feedback? We have outlined 5 steps to take to limit your chapter’s chances of survey fatigue and negatively impacting your membership.

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Balance Your Data For Chapter Success

See why a combined methodology for surveying members provides better data about who members are and what they need from the chapter.

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Spring “Clean” Your Way to Chapter Success

4 spring cleaning activities every chapter should engage in to enjoy continued success. Take a fresh look at your chapter to ensure efficiency and success.

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The Importance of the End of Year Review

A look at how the End of Year Review is an important tool in the shaping of your chapter’s success.

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Part 2 – Marketing Ideas to Close out the Year

25 holiday and End of Year themed ideas that increase membership rates and non-dues revenues.

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Shared Leadership for Tomorrow’s Chapter Leaders

7 concrete ways to help your board volunteers build a shared leadership model for your chapter’s success.

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Organize Your Events Like a Pro

7 strategies to eliminate event planning woes and to ensure your attendees know they are wanted back.

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Visual Content – A Key Ingredient to Website Engagement

How to use visuals within StarChapter’s association management software to communicate value to your members.

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Success with Member-Get-A-Member Recruitment

4 tactics to building a rewarding member-get-a-member program that fits the needs of your local chapter.

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Strategies for Board Transition Success

3 strategies to support volunteers as they transition off the board and into a new member status.

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4 Solutions to Improve New Member Engagement

New members come once, then disappear? Find out how you can better engage your new members and ensure they keep coming back.

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The Science behind Goal Setting

Using a scientific method for goal achievement within the art of chapter management.

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(Infographics) StarChapter Year In Review

As we say goodbye to 2015, we wanted to reflect on this epic year in an amazing infographic and celebrate our chapters’ accomplishments.

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How Your Chapter May Be Pushing New Members Away

Is your chapter alienating members without even realizing it? Read this article and find out how to fix it.

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Serving Diverse Member Needs

How can your association satisfy the needs of each member, when their desires are all so different?

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Overcome the Challenges of Gathering Member-Data

Things to consider when collecting member data and recommended methods to boost your efforts

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The 4 Secrets of Planning the Perfect Chapter Event

The secret for planning the perfect event isn’t just in the venue or the menu you choose. If you want to get your attendees excited about the next event, these 4 things can help you.

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Know Your Industry

You know your members, now it’s time to dig deep and uncover important industry practices. This is easy using the Survey Manager

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4 Automation Tools that Save You Time

4 Benefits of Managing Your Chapter with Scheduled Communication Tools

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Who Are Your Members?

5 steps to learn all about your members and how surveys can help you

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Meet Columbia SHRM, StarChapter of The Month

Reducing expenses and turning more non-members to members is the success story of SHRM Columbia, February's StarChapter of The Month

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Need a Powerful Newsletter?

Newsletters are at their all-time high! Here are 4 ways to create a powerful newsletter.

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High Email Volume in December

Email marketing is far from being obsolete. We recorded a 119% aggregated increase in emails sent with StarChapter in December 2014 compared to December 2013. And this is just the beginning. Check latest December stats.

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Use the New and Improved Survey Manager

With the release of the Survey Manager update, we wanted to highlight some of the improvements made to this section. In addition, we have a few ideas on using surveys to gauge the pulse of your association.

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