Building a Sustainable Revenue Stream with a Formal Sponsorship Program

Relying on dues for revenue can be short-sighted. Adding the right sponsorship program can help your chapter remain solvent for the long-term.

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A Plan for your Chapter Finances is Key to Your Long-term Success

Dues alone won’t keep your chapter financially sound. How long could your chapter survive if you had no dues revenue? Learn how to increase your chapter’s financial stability.

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Maximizing Member Value through Networking

6 networking solutions to amplify membership value and drive success in your local chapter.

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Your Chapter and the Community

10 ingredients to ensure positive community sponsorship of your local chapter.

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Goal Setting in 3 Easy Steps

Check out the 3 steps to setting achievable and realistic goals aimed at chapter success.

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Fundraising Ideas

Any time is a great time for creating additional income for your association! Whether you have some catching up to do for your annual goals, or just want to fund a new project, take advantage of these tips to bring in additional funds to your organization

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